New teacher coming up?


Does your child have a new teacher in the next few weeks?  And how do you feel about it?

I remember that always being one of the stresses of them going back to school - in the larger school they were at they didn't know who it would be, and at Primary where they only had one teacher all day every day it was a tremendous worry.

Once they are in secondary they have more teachers, and it isn't so focused, so became less important - and this year I have two of my three off to entirely new colleges, so big changes.

But nothing since has been as important as those first days back at primary and learning who they had for the next year.

Was it just me?  Or is anyone else worried about it?

First time at school for him! So new place, new teacher, new classroom etc etc. He seems really excited but I am so nervous for him :( I know he will be fine though x

YS has met his new teacher and so have we. We even saw his new classroom. He seems happy about the move at the moment but we shall see.

Es is also moving into a different part of the school. He also met his new teachers because his school do a taster week for the new intake so the other years have the last week of school on their new timetable.

TBH I never worried once they started school. Both boys seem to be able to charm the adults they come in contact with they get it from DH.

Olly has a new teacher, but if I'm very honest I'm quite pleased. Last year he had two part-time teachers, one was awesome, the other just didn't "get" him at all and struggled to make his time in her class very enjoyable. We had a couple of clashes over her teaching style, too, so I guess Olly will be looking forwards to a fresh start as much as I am. 

W has an NQT when he goes back, he's met her, so have I and I do have some concerns, year 1 is drastically different to reception, I just hope she can deal with those who won't like the change

Dd is starting primary school, we go straight into year 1 here. The changed her teacher the one she was meant to get came to our home to meet dd as she will be the youngest, practically a year younger than her class mates so she wanted to check she had no worries, she was lovely. Then we got told she'd been moved and we met the new teacher, I couldn't warm to her but hopefully she's different when she's with the pupils...

P is going to a new school in September, and her new teacher is LOVELY. P thinks she is very strict, which is a good thing if you ask me! i jsut have everything crossed that this will all work out all right.

Both boys get new class teachers.  However, YS had the "new" teacher for phonics last year, while ES had the "new" teacher for maths two years ago, so both already know the teachers.  YS's teacher had ES for one term - their first overlap in teachers, so added interest there!

DD1 has started high school so it is all new teachers for her.

DD2 has 2 teachers yet again this year. The one she has Monday and Tuesday taught DD1 in P3 so is a known quantity. The one she has the rest of the week is new to the school though and having taught the class for the first three days of term has been on a training course this week and will be on the same training course next week so the class had 2 different teachers covering for him this week. We're not exactly thrilled with the situation and DD2 appears to be quite stressed.
On Monday she wet herself at school (she's nearly 9) and on Wednesday morning came through to tell me she had wet her bed. That same morning the mum of one of her 2 closest friends asked if I knew that the teacher had shouted at her on Tuesday for being slow at her work; we are waiting to get her assessed for dyspraxia and the school referred her so DH got straight on the phone to the deputy head to make sure all the info had been passed on to the new teachers. Apparently it has but since she has had 4 different teachers in 8 days I'm not convinced. She is also very tearful which isn't like her.

Dd will be starting high school, so lots of new teachers for her.

The form teacher seems nice, and she took my ds for maths last term and he didn't have any complaints about her, lol.

I don't know who ds's form teacher is going to be.

Yes I always remember it was a bit of a worry towards the end of one term in the primary years, from volunteering in school from Year 1 upwards I did know most teachers at least a little bit.  For every year apart from 1 both girls had lovely teachers, there was just one who didn't seem to like children much at all! 

Good luck to all those starting new schools and new classes, I'm sure everything will feel more settled after a couple of weeks.

It's kind of exciting as well too isn't it?