What did you do on your first day on your own?


I haven't had the house to myself again yet - I have one going back today, one Friday - and one in about two weeks!

But I wondered this morning - did you do something 'special' on your first day alone again?  Or did you clean the oven?

Today is YD's last first day back if you know what I mean?   I guess that's a bit of a milestone and it feels quite strange. She starts back in Year 13 today but I won't be doing anything apart from going to work and hospital visiting.

I think I *used* to sit down with a brew and This Morning many moons ago and just enjoy the peace lol.

ursh x

Although Riley has his first day at school tomorrow I won't be on my own until the 19th Sept when Finn starts preschool for a couple of mornings a week! I shall probably spend it thinking it's too quiet and worrying about the time lol! By the second week I shall probably be relishing it lol x

I think I cleaned the house for those 2 hours YD was at nursery the first time....lol
Now I'm sat here with crumpets & the remote, well until OD gets up, she's not back at school til Fri.

I'm not sure when I'll have the house to myself, still waiting or ES to let me know what's happening about Uni

i did some washing then was just going to put my feet up with a cuppa when #3 dd rang to say she'd finished college early as she only needed to register so could i go fetch her, then by the time i got back it was time to pick the boy up from school as hes only there till 12 for the first 2 weeks

What's going on there then Jacqui?

Dd started this morning, at 8.45am but ds doesn't have to be in school until 11.30am - so I'm just about to take him in.

Then I might have time to do a quick shop and have a cuppa before I have to collect them both at 3pm.

Tomorrow will class as my 'first day' alone and I guess that will be spent working and cleaning.

Today is my first alone day, George is at nursery and Olly went back yesterday, so I've painted the final coat on the dining room walls, done the ceiling and glossed the doors. I'm having half an hour with a mug of tea and watching a Cary Grant film before getting round to sorting some of DH's accounts out. Tbh the days I have to myself I tend to cram as much in as possible so that it eases things when the boys are here. 

I get my day on my own tomorrow. I am taking my sis for a belated birthday lunch as the kids were still off on her bday. Today Ys went back so we took Es to the big town. I bought a new net curtain for the front room window and we had Pizza Hut buffet for lunch. ES and Dh both bought PC games and I got a DS game.