Should I be re-grouting the bathroom?


OH's mum and sister are coming up for the day Thursday.

Now I live in chaos at the best of times, but the Summer holidays made it worse, YD had her leg non weight bearing so could do nothing to help and had to be driven everywhere and waited on....... I have a new job which, whilst not full time is fairly time consuming - and it's all got away from me.

The garden is terrible, and the house needs about two days of scrubbing.

Even that wouldn't make it lovely - we haven't done the bathrooms since we moved in, and so it needs all re-sealing and re-grouting, but we haven't bothered because we are replacing them (sooner or later, but we never seem to get around to it because OH works 14 hours a day!).

Now I'm panicking that I'm slovenly.


they are coming at 11.30 and leaving at 7.30pm but don't want to go anywhere will just be around the house apparently - OH isn't here (of course!) what on earth am I supposed to do with them?

You should be hospitable, apologise for the chaos and let them deal with it. It's a family home and it's lived-in. Run the hoover about if you have chance, maybe have a quick dust, then sit down and enjoy their company. 

Without wanting to be morbid, I doubt anyone says with their final breath "I wish I'd grouted more". Life is far too short for house-guilt. 

Totally agree with OA and why wouldn't they want to have a walk in your beautiful surroundings.

What Oa said! Do not feel guilty! They are coming to see you, not the house x

The MIL can't walk - foot problems she refuses to go see a doctor about. 

Stupid woman

If they want to visit the house they need to give you a years notice, visting you however only requires enough notice for you to get dressed.
Don't worry about the house, do as OA suggests, just run a hoover over and dust 

As they say up here 'It'll be reet"