Terrific Tennis Tuesday


Yay Murray won the US Open.

Not sure what is happening today but it will involve a food shop. 

I think Scotland's productivity rates will be down today if Facebook is anything to go by. Most of my friends seem to have stayed up for the tennis.
I am working today and am in the office alone so I hope it isn't too busy.

Yayy well done to him!

I'd love to have watched but a) I don't have Sky and b) there is no way on earth I'd keep my eyes open till 2.30am!

Work again today and then the hospital, which is pretty much the same as the last 11 days.  :(

ursh x

Too tired to do anything, think I may go back to bed

I've just been to the hospital outpatients orthodontic dept with ds.  The consultant said yes, he could do a removable device, but not for around another 6 months as the molars need to come through properly first.

How is your dd, Ursh?  Any more news?

Congratulations to Andy Murray, he's having a good couple of months isn't he!

Hope you are having a rest, Jac.

Up far too early, before 5.30 actually, because Alex in a flap because he couldn't find his school tie. This is his spare school tie I bought  in case he lost the first one, I hasten to add. He's been at his school for a week...

anyway tie located, I made porridge, school run. Then to the uniform shop to buy yet another tie, joggers, footy socks and rugby shirt- sixty quid gone for a burton. Only shop wasn't open when I arrived so ended up having second breakfast of hash browns and tomatoes in a cafe. This is why I am so lardy, it wasn't even 3 hours since breakfast no 1.

Then to the market to get 2 bags of fruit and veg- less than a fiver, blimey- pine nuts, custard powder and minced garlic- a tenner (lots of nuts, going to bulk make pesto at some point) and Sainsburys to buy fake meat and cat supplies, which somehow came to £70??????? Goodness...

anyway  just had lunch (3.5 hours after breakfast no 2...) and now got to work on an essay this afternoon and then do some personal research- am doing this thing in October where we're going to live on WW2 rations for the month, and try out lots of war time recipes etc, I would do it starting now but I decided it was best to let Al settle to school first. He's really keen though and I am so excited I can hardly wait!  I'm keeping a blog about the rationing project, so if anyone is interested in reading it drop me a pm and I'll give them the addy. Woolton pie anyone?

ES brought home a recipe for carrot biscuits from the war. They were lovely.
I went to Farmfoods this morning. A new one has opened roughty 40 minutes away and is twice the size of the one that is about 40 minutes in the other direction. Bought loads of stuff so the freezer is now full again.

Just to add you can see Murray's winning shot on you tube as well as the award ceramony.

Carrot biccies are in my plan! Hurrah!

School run, meeting with senco, followed by school run, tesco shop and craft shop to get ys some things.

I need to get ys a new pop up tent for his calm times as dd had a friend home that p'd in it..., even though I cleaned it he won't go near it.

OH noticed the mark on my car from where I'd crashed it....

Blimey EB, that's an expensive day!! 

Maybe you should stop getting up at 5.30am.  I can quite undertsand why you'd need two breakfasts!  If you get up that early, lunch is a long way off lol.

Janey, DD is getttng there slowly, was discharged last night will probably post about it later.

ursh x