Pregnancy After Depo Provera - part 4

Thought i would start the new depo thread on this forum!

Hope everyone is well, and Katie hope u get a date for c/s today!

Hiya everyone! Sorry no chance of personal messages as doin this on my phone at work, n is a bit more difficult than expected!

hi girls, i'm here too now! hopefully this will be our new home for a long time!


Ach, it wouldn't be our forum without the DP thread!!!!!

It's one of the most passionate

It certainly is, and i have it to thank for bringing me to a most wonderful community way back in 2006... woohoo... ;)

Must admit I dont' venture here ofton but I do read and you ladies fill my heart your so passionate and open.

hi. just checking in to new site. :H

Katrina, Gabriel is gorgeous. x :*

Katrina seen Gabriel's pic hes is such a cute.

:H hello to every 1 else hope youer all well


Hi I am here, kept the same name, no brain power today!

I messed my avatar up and now it wont let me delete or change it to another picture, thats annoying! Anyway I hope this pregnancy ticker works, i have wanted one of these for ages!

Lauren x