DD told me she needed ne batteries for her alarm clock, as hubby works in B&Q I thought I'd get them and wait for him to finish work, got to the till, only to have another customer turn to me and say - looks like you are in for a good night, just how many batteries does a vibrator need.
I don't embarrass easily but I could feel my face going red :\

=)) =))

Perhaps a comment of "well it takes a w***** to know a w***** :))

you should have told him that it was a rabbit and they take duracell only! lol they dont work with the cheap batterys lmao

so you obviously know all about that Shazz............

I would have made a come back - but as hubby works there I thought better of saying what I wanted to say

and this was from somone you didn;t know ? weird comment to make, I would have been livid

8} Good grief what spurred that comment on ???


ha ha, yeah Jac - did you leave IT on view in your handbag!!!!!!

ha bommin ha Kom.
I think the bloke had been drinking and I bet tomorrow he'll wake up embarrassed


I didn't hear a denial though! **runs away and hides!**

I keep mine hidden from the children, so its in.................

outer mongolia