Do you baby your children? Confess!


Ok, I'll start. I put the toothpaste on my five and a half year old's toothbrush when I get up so that it's ready for him when it's time for him to brush his teeth

Thats not babying, it's a special little moment so that he knows just how much you love him :)

I put the toothpaste on my 4 years old brush for her. TBH though that's more to stop her from decorating the bathroom with it!

yes yes and yes! lewis is 2 and i still refer to him as my baby,mind you i refer to william as that still to but hes babe lol, ive been very guilty of babying lewis way to much,hes my last the way i seen it i was allowed too! but then again i need him to grow up lol

Thank you for the reassurance! I like to do those things for him, just had a bit of a wobble because his teacher at parent's evening said he needs to become more independent, his dad thinks so too, but I want to make life as safe and nurturing for him as possible...

If anything I treat them as older than they are. I will send them off to the bathroom to have a wash, brush teeth etc. or ask ED (7) to go and sort out breakfast for her and YD etc.

I think I do maybe follow Ellis (3 and a half) around a bit too much - though it's not to baby him, it's more to stop him getting up to mischief.....

I pull the ring of my daughters tinny for her...

Not really, luckily for me she doesn't smoke or drink, she's 17!

I used to baby mine but I havent the last couple of years, up until very recently I was still running baths for them amongst other things!

I'm not allowed too with Roo - I get told - 'No mummy' which is good my little man wants to learn, good job i've got Finn aye!! x

I keep saying to mine that they are old enough now to do some things for themselves - they are 8 and 10! but it's a play off between doing things to help them and therefore reduce stress for me, or leaving them to it and waiting for them to be ready on a morning.

My 2 1/2 year old is too independant for his own good, I'm allowed to cuddle and kiss him, but help in anyway apart from putting toothpaste on his brush is a big no no.