Hello and welcome to the Forum.

We;ve seen that there is a Forum button now on TheSchoolRun home page and I've noticed one or two new names browsing the boards. Please come and join in the chats - just jump in on a thread that your interested in, start one of your own and please don't be scared to ask if you need help. We are a friendly bunch and won't bite honest. Looking forward to meeting you . P xx

ooh, we have new people joining us, fantastic!

Hello everyone!

We have a growing community! How exciting!

...and I love the link from the home page now to the forum, everytime I had a PM, I was having to retype the forum address in the URL bar!

oooo just found the forum button, yay, were not underground anymore!!!!

LOL makes it a lot easier to navigate eh folks.

Hello, wonderful forum

Hello thaonguan, pleased you like here!

Welcome aboard!

Hi thaonguan and welcome

Glad you joined us, just jump in any where and chat we are all friendly, if you have any questions either ask on a thread or find a moderator and they'll help you out.


p xx

Welcome to my child forum :)