Starting Nursery tomorrow

I am due to go back to work in Jan & DD starts nursery tomorrow. I wanted her to start early in case there are any problems & I can be on hand.

We went on Friday for an induction & we left her there for an hour, they said that she was up & down. One minute asking for us then they managed to distract her & she was ok.

I know that she will be fine & she will love it at playgroup but I am dreading tomorrow morning.

Not sure if she knows what we are doing to her tomorrow because she has been very clingy more than usual & keeps asking for cuddles (which I am loving)

Aw, how old is she now?

It's only natural to be dreading her first day, hope all goes well and you don't miss her too much (she'll be far too busy having fun to miss you I'd wager!)

ursh x

She will be 2 next Sunday.

She is probably picking up that you are uneasy or preparing for something.

Hope all goes well!

Yes, I hope everything goes really well for you - I bet she loves it! I agree with Fredd, she's probably picking up your vibes.

Will be thinking of you - do let us know how it goes, won't you?

Good luck, hope it all goes well

Well I dropped her off this morning. Walking down she was really happy, had her new backpack on (insisted on carrying it even though it was too heavy for her). When we got to the gate she started say no no. We went in & she was ok but as soon as we got to the room that she will be in & I hung her bag up she started crying, (which set me off but I have a cold so managed to disguise it), and wanted to go.
I stayed for about 10 mins in which she was up & down & when she was playing with her back to me I sneaked out.

I phoned an hour later (they are dead good said you can phone as many times as you like but I won't be doing that) they said that she got upset when she noticed that I had gone but was ok at the time I rang.

The upside is that when I got home my upstairs has never looked so clean and starting on downstairs after my 'lunch break' OH won't know what's hit him when he gets home.

Try to set up a routine for your arrival at nursery, if there isn't one already established by the nursery. Maybe a little joke about one of the doors, putting her coat and bag away in the same order, etc, ending up with a kiss and bye-bye, so she gets so caught up in the routine that she is in and you are gone before she has too much chance to think about things. I've found it makes a huge difference.

And enjoy all that free time! I do hope OH actually notices the clean house (mine wouldn't!)!

Well, she sounds perfectly normal to me - some wee ones might have howled the whole time, so it sounds as though she has momentary wobblers, but is then happy and confident enough to just get involved in whatever they are doing. I think that's a really positive start, and it's nice that the nursery let you phone as often as you like - that must be very comforting for you.

When you finish your cleaning, d'you want to come over to mine? It looks like a bomb's hit it.

I found it useful to have a kind of routine of leaving your child in the nursery. First few months I told my son (32 months then) what I were going to do at home, but I told him something that didn't look attractive to him.

He love his playgroup and now he doesn't even ask for a hug or a kiss :( He is very impatient to start playing with his friends.

Good luck.

It's up to you how you play it but I have to mention that sneaking out can cause problems - you are better off IME being upfront' mummy's going now' and handing her over to someone, it's all about trust and I know it's the first proper day so apologies if I'm speaking out of turn.

I do hope she settles and enjoys it as much as our youngest did.

p xx