How many of us on here are preg?


Just as it says really, I want to talk to other mums to be so how many of you out there are pregnant and how far along are you? I'm due 22nd Jan and currently 32 weeks pregnant.

Hi hun.. Are you excited? I'm currently pregnant with number 2, I'll be 9 weeks in 2 days time. Is this your first? Do you know what you are having? Pink or Blue?

I know there are quite a few of us that are pregnant on here, don't feel like you have to 'stick' to your 'due month' on the ante natal boards, when I was pregnant last time I'd regularly visit the other months and have a natter on other boards.

Looking forward to hearing from you, Y xxx

I am so excited :D This is my first so all very new for me. How old is ur first? This pregnancy has gone so fast, being kept busy with a new home to get ready so atleast I'm not twiddling my thumbs and counting down the days too much lol. We're uncomfirmed blue, we didnt pay for a gender scan and they dont tell u at the 20 week one where we live but saw definate boy parts 3 times so will b shocked if it's a girl lol. You going to find out the gender?

A x

First is exactly 8 months old today - very small gap between the two but we're happy with that, unplanned but very wanted. We've got a gorgeous boy so kinda hoping for pink this time but on the other hand also hoping for blue! lol. Yeah i think we will find out, although thats weeks and weeks away - seems forever! We found out last time so i dont see why not this time.. Didnt find out until I was about 14 weeks the first time around, and i've known since I was 6 weeks this time - time is dragging!!! lol.

Have you thought of any names? For blue or pink ?
Y x

Aww bless, we're gonna look about having another when this one is about 8 months old but might change our minds and hold it off a little longer just depends on how we feel this baby will be. The first 12 weeks definatly drag don't they. I found out when I was 7 weeks so wasn't too bad but the wait for the first scan took forever and since then it's flown by and now I've only got about 7 and a half weeks left til due date. Damien Terry Lee for a boy Kaitlyn Marie for a girl. You thought of names?

I'm preg.... 30 weeks exactly tomorrow (depending on which of the due dates that I've been given I choose to believe!) - the due dates range from 10th-14th feb. each doc/sonographer seemed to have their own date lol

It's my 2nd baby, first was born by c-section, assuming no problems/complications crop up my doc says I can try for a vbac this time.

Didn't get a gender scan cause I like surprises :D

hi dhakiyya, nice to meet u so to speak lol. You're not tht far behind me, I'll be 33 weeks Friday. Hope all goes well for natural birth for u. Not much longer for us to go to see baby's gender, mine's still yellow cause it's only what we saw on scan we're going by so will be fun to see if we got it right. How's the pregnancy been so far?

it's been okay apart from a threatened miscarriage at 11 weeks and now I have that thing where the ligaments of the pelvis go all soft and it hurts, but otherwise :D and the baby's kicking a lot (and very hard, feel like I'm being beaten up from the inside sometimes!!!)

aww wow lucky baby stayed put. I know wht u mean about the kicks hurting lol sometimes the baby looks and feels like its gonna break out of my skin it's mental. Where abouts in uk r u? I'm in west mids

Not expecting, five is enough thank you but wishing all you ladies the very best of luck.

Hi dhaki and congrats! Do you know of its blue or pink yet? Your little one sure sounds like a fighter hun! Ah i remember those kicks, id be over the moon feeling the first few then very irritable after a while lol! I hope you can go for vbac, I'm hoping to do the same, 1st was born early and he and I were getting distressed, so we ended up with csec too.
Are you both excited?? Mamabear how are you feeling hun? xx