Pregnancy After Depo Provera - part 4

Thought i would start the new depo thread on this forum!

Hope everyone is well, and Katie hope u get a date for c/s today!

Hiya everyone! Sorry no chance of personal messages as doin this on my phone at work, n is a bit more difficult than expected!

Sally, glad all is well! How are the girls? see Hayley is gearing up for crawling! she will probably do so sooner than Gracie, so she can keep up!

All is well here. So very tired. But broke down and did supernanny technique of letting Gabe cry while I stay in the room, but not making eye contact or talking to him. took 30 minutes, but he has slept the whole night through (11 pm to 8 am still asleep) so will do again tonight. Glad of a whole night's sleep! If I had a video monitor I might not have stayed with him, but I like to see what he is doing and how close he is to falling asleep. and also making sure that he isn't climbing out or otherwise actually hurt. I think it is also reasurring to him that I am there in the room, even if I am not getting him out of the crib.

The thing was, he was so tired that he was crying and fussy as I held him, or didn't hold him, so I figured he might as well be crying in the crib . . . so we did.

Anyway, so 10w2 days! next appointment isn't for another 3 weeks. seems like forever.

Glad Jack was potty trained so easily! hope Gabe will do the same when the time comes.
Lauren, you probably are too distracted and busy being home to be sick! be glad of it.

- Katrina, Gabe, and peanut -

Glad everything went well Sal, I hope the headaches sort themselves out soon though! Go Hayley! I bet she cant wait to be runnin around with Grace and Josh! I am swaddling my next baby until they are two, anything to prevent another 9 month old toddler!

I got a scan date today, 14th March 3:30pm. I get to take my mum and nan so should be good!

Katrina, I had the same reasonin with Max, if I held him he wiggled and cried so he might as well do it in his cot. I used to go out of the room to try but if he got upset I would sit with him and then work my way out of the room, really didnt take long but still have to go back to same technique if he has been sick or is going through a 'phase'! I too wish we had invested in a video monitor for the same reasons!

Hope everyone else is doin well!

Lauren, Max (12m 6d) and munchkin (10w 1d)

hi ladies hope your all well

skye hope everything settled now apart from the pouring rain you been getting

lauren & katrina good luck on your 1st scans im sure everything will go well

hope everyone else ok

afm: ive been busy as usual , work , kids , housework , ironing , never stops
jack still doing fab no accidents at all goes on potty without being told & also uses toilet regular to , tried him without nappies at night but he wets so gonna wait for a while , when i do put nappies on him , its near enough dry in the mornings . violet & jack ( 2 yrs 4 months ) xx

Hi girls, how are you all?

Violet, well done to jack for toilet training so well! X

Just popped on to pass a hello to you all from lally. I let her know that you all missed her and were asking about her. She does know that you all care but can't really handle being on this board again, and says hello to everyone!

Sally, how you feeling? Have the headaches eased any?

Lauren and katrina, not long now to your 12ish week scans. Hope you are both ok.

Karrie next, she's due in next few weeks! Can just remember the excitement of that!
Must go again. Will try to get on again soon.

Hugs to everyone,

OMG Thank you so VERY much for passing on Lally's Hello :D
We all understand how hard it must be for her and we do miss her an aweful lot, but glad you here to pass on messages Nic..
Glad she is doing well thou >:D

Not much happening for us... Just found out that a friend I went to school with, her hubby is down having an interview in mackay for a job a the same mine/plant that my hubby is now working at.. YAY!! Ill know someone when we do move at the end of this year.. Chelsea will have a play mate.. so excitting now... a shopping partner also :D

Moranbah where we will be moving too has only 10,000 ppl there and about 70% are miners, so go home (outta the town) an aweful lot... so it is in the middle of nowhere... 2 hrs drive inland of Mackay and Mackay is 5 hrs drive south of where we are now in Townsville... Excitting to start this chapter of our little family life... move on to bigger and better things...

and baby #4 for next year...

Not much else happening for us... off to gym this morning again for step and then home for more cleaning now the rain has finally stopped...


Skye & Chelsea
22mths old

Do please tell Lally we said Hello back! I totally understand and wish her the best.

Violet, I only hope when the time comes, Gabe toilet trains as easily and well as Jack! well done both of you!

Skye, that is good news. I know it is hard being out in the middle of nowhere. and hopefully #4 will be along sooner than later.

Nicola, good to hear from you too! not getting a 12 week scan; had one 8 and will again at 20. Lauren has hers today though!

AFU: not much, still tired. can't wait for this baby to start moving; I love it!

- Katrina, Gabe (almost 16 months), and bean (11+5)

Ooooh Skye so much to look forward to!

Hi Nic, lovely to hear from you and Lally!

Just had my scan, all went well they put me at 12w 3d so due date 23rd sept!

Lauren, glad all went well, first they move you back, now they move you forward, what is up with that? LOL, j/k. only 2 more months and we will know what the beans are, if we want to (and I do!)

yay girls so excitted.. not long at all until the gender scans...

Any piccies lauren?

sounds like a nice date in Sep.. My ES's b'day is the 30th Sep, he will be 12..

AFU - a bit sore this morning.. done my step class at gym yesterday morning and got hammered by the instructor lol and then went and done barbell (weights) and the same instructor does them classes on monday's (and again on wednesday with xtrainer and circiut) and OMG!!! my arms are sooo sore this morning.. my calves are a bit sore too, but arms are the worst, found it hurt BAD when I got Chelsea outta bed this morning lol...

Back to gym again this morning for weigh in and measured (AHHHH) then another fitness program.. will update you with any loss of weight or inches..


Skye & Chelsea xx
22mths old

I know Katrina! I knew I was right last time I was expecting to move forward and they moved me back! I am officially out of first trimester now so yayyyy! Still got very slight nausea but rarely and tired but not exhausted!

Will try and get a pick up but only got my iPhone, not sure how to do it...