Pregnancy After Depo Provera - part 4

Thought i would start the new depo thread on this forum!

Hope everyone is well, and Katie hope u get a date for c/s today!

Hiya everyone! Sorry no chance of personal messages as doin this on my phone at work, n is a bit more difficult than expected!

congratulations karrie and welcome to the world baby Mackenzie xxx

hey his birth was great 5 hrs from start to finish just had gas an air only thing is he has a lump on his head cos took so long to push him out but hopefully will go away in 6-8 weeks as it pretty bad..woke at 5am with contractions 5 mins apart hubby was all ready at wrk so mum an dad took me over while hubby meet me there my father thought i was going to have him in the car as they were coming every min have way out the road till the hospital lol was seen at 6.30 was 4cm an had him at 10.01am..


congratulations Karrie on the birth of your baby boy Maakenzie..
Love how you have spelt his name..

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter..
Loved camping, but back to reality now :(

Will post pictures once i get them on to the laptop.

Skye & Chelsea xx

Karrie, glad the birth went well, and you are home enjoying your little one!

Hope everyone had a happy Easter, ours was busy from start to finish, but lovely anyway, the weather was amazing.

Heard baby #2's heartbeat yesterday, OB said it was in the 150's (there is some debate as to whether this means pink or blue, but we will know for sure in 3 weeks!) I haven't yet gained weight with this pregnancy - by the OB's scale - and my blood pressure is still good, so all's well there. I am hoping the next 3 weeks fly by!

- Katrina, Gabe (17 months) and Poppy (18 weeks tomorrow)

Heatbeats over 140 = Girl?

Heartbeats under 140 = Boy?!

This theory proved true with Alfie - his was always around the 135 mark! But of course, baby could have just had an energetic moment! lol

That was what I thought, but there are those that disagree with me (my mother for one! LOL) we will see, either way, in not too long!

your boys all doing well?

My mum swears by the heartbeat theory which was right for Alfie! cant say for older boys as they never really listened to them - too hard with 3 in there! lol

Boys all doing well thanks, they went back to school today after Easter hols so hoping to get some normality back but of course they are only back for 3 days as we have the big Royal Wedding here in the UK on Friday (i'm sure you've heard about it! lol) so it has been given as a bank/public holiday and Monday is also a Bank Holiday! lol

Alfie walking all over the place now which is cute but tiring as he finds it funny to do circuits! lol Still likes his sleep alot! But still not m,any words! He just refuses to talk but laughs a lot and always has a smile which melts my heart! lol

I put Alfie in the travel cot the other day in just a nappy as it was so hot, we heard him gurgling and giggling in his cot before he went to sleep which he quite often does, he slept for about 2 hours and woke so my mum went to get him - the monkey had only taken his nappy off in his cot and was sopping wet! He must have done it before he went to sleep as there was that much wee in his cot it was unbelievable! Cue emergency bath at Nana's! lol Never crossed my mind that he would do that! lol

How's Gabe doing? Did you start the potty training? I asked Alfie the other day if he had pooped and we went and got me a nappy! lol Then today i asked him if he had wee'd and he pulled at the nappy!

Gabe pulled off his diaper the other day, unfortunately it was a poopy one, and smeared all over the bed sheets (in our bed, not his. He usually naps in ours)

I have sat him on the potty a couple times, but no results yet. I wil be more gung-ho when I have several days off in a row at the end of June.

Gabe doesn't have too many words yet, but he is babbling up a storm, and getting louder, if not any more coherent. mostly it sounds like variations of DaDAdaDA, etc. and yes, walking is wonderful, as it means I don't have to carry him as much, but boy, chasing after him is wearing!

Mackenzie's heartbeat was always between 140-150...

lol @ alfie, cheeky monkey!

I have started potty training katie about a week ago. If I ask her if she's done a wee/poo or needs a wee/poo she will answer, although sometimes we aren't sure if she's just guessing lol. She managed 1 wee in the potty but that's all so far!

She has a lot of words, I'm surprised every day by her lol. She can say: hooray, pretty, mummy, teddy, daddy, mama, dada, mia (name of our cat lol), hiya, please, wee wee, bizzit (biscuit), me, mine, yeah, and her favourite- NO! lol.