Pelvic pain


When I walk I feel really uncomfortable roundabout the pelvic area, I don't remember feeling sore atall there when pregnant with Aiden anyone else have any discomfort there? My hips are sore aswell mostly when im in bed tho and I did have a bit of pain in my right hip when pregnant with Aiden so not worried about that but this baby while obviously isn't definitely feels bigger now with 8 weeks to go than Aiden did when born!

I seem to recall with my second that my body sort of 'knew the way' and got there a lot quicker - and more dramatically.

The pains and aches are stretching cartilage all getting ready to disconnect as i recall.

Oh I don't envy you! I remember it well.

Jeez Corris i'm glad he's my last, how do some women go on to have 4 and 5? There made of stronger stuff than me I can tell ya! I just wanted to know it was normal tho so thanks.

My hips have become increasingly more painful mostly when laying down or sitting in one postition too long, I think it's all part of the body getting ready for B-day.

Sounds like your body is getting ready for bubs to arrive - take it easy and rest (haha I know) when you can love.

Ev you started two posts on this and I was asked to merge them to stop confusion (this was the best I could do for now)

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I get achey hips now, think mine's down to baby being engaged also I get bad pains in my hips and legs if I lie on one side too long too cause of the weight. I now get achey tail bone too but think thts from baby engaging too. Hope it's not too much discomfort, try a hot water bottle to ease things.

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I had really bad pelvic pain in my last couple of months, just a deep ache almost permanently, and sharp pains in my hips when lying down... I would warm a towel on the radiator and then lie down with it draped over, really did help with mine.

Hope you feel better soon

The joys of pregnancy eh? Hope you are feeling better soon. Take it easy.

Trish XX

Didn't realise i'd started two topics sorry :\ thanks for the advice i'm off for a look at the link Jacqui posted but think it's probably just like everyones said and down to being a second pregnancy. 8 weeks to go woo hooo!

Oh wow - 8 weeks isn't a long time is it? You'll soon have your baby here.

Mine seems ages away, although I wish time would slow down. I have my first scan on 15th Jan and I am dreading it. I absolutely hate having scans.