Secret Santa... stripped!


Well we always do this thread so I thought I'd start it off (and the same people always pull long faces- grr!!! You don't have to join in!!!)

Do you want to know who your Secret Santa was? If so, sign up here! If you see your recipient sayig they'd like to know, and you don't mind telling, spill the proverbial beans on here!

As always, givers, please do not say you gave a present until your recipient says on here they'd like to know... recipients AND givers you do not, of course, have to say anything at all if you choose not to

But for the nosey parkers like me... off we go! I'll start! Yes please, I would love to know who gave me my secret santa, thank you very much!

I don't mind saying who I bought for, and I'd love to be able to thank my secret santa because my present was lovely, and totally "me".

Forgot to say I'm happy enough to tell who I bought for ... I know it arrived safely from the other thread.l

In that case, Char, I'll admit to it! I thought of you the minute I spotted it in the shop!

Don't know if I want to know who my santa was or not.......but I really loved the present!

pollylolly wrote:
Kismet I hope you will join in next year - the more the merrier !!!

I might just do that even though my child is now officially an adult I reckon I'll still be around for advice, help, support and Secret Santa!

I keep checking back on here to see if my person wants me to reveal I was their Santa! I love this thread!

I'd be REALLY pleased to do the reveal with my SS - I have a sneaking suspicion tho :-)

Hiya Viper ... Guess who???

I even contacted Santa and told him that I'd been to your house in case that was cheating.
I just couldn't resist the cup ... or the make-up for a 'Classy Lady' ;) :) :)

Lol Fredd, as I opened it I actually thought it must have been either you or Shee - no idea why but yay and thankyou, it's genuinely lovely!

Miss Poppins I'm responsible for yours.x

Well we had been discussing handbags not long back!

Okay, I've decided, I would love to know who my secret santa was!

Welshrarebit wrote:
I tried to figure out who my SS was but still have no idea so if they want to say who they are I would love to give them a personal thank you but if not that is fine too.

Hey lovely friend - I am SO glad you liked them :)