Hello, I'm here!

*waves frantically*.....

I'm here * waves back to Jacs*

Hello - I'm here!! :H


Corris wrote:
oh I like that avatar Anne.

Fredd has the same one

I'm here too. Hello everyone.

hello elaine, what part of the UK do you live?

Somebody's already got SQUIRREL ... what? who? How dare they?

Ah well .... never mind ...
I was ScoutingSquirrel until we realised it was too long for me to get PMs ... then GreySquirrel ...
So GreyQuirrel I'll remain ....

Hugs to all who know this little tree-rat ...

Hello all I made it over :H

Yay some lovely avatars here, and some old ones that look nice and bright - does help cos blue is my favourite colour lol