Cot Mattress


I know ive posted about this before but actually gonna order it now and can't remember which one most people said they'd got, ie pocket sprung, spring interior etc.

When I got Aiden's it was from a small baby shop down the town centre that was part of the Co-op group n I didn't have a clue what I wanted and the most expensive one in the shop was £50 so we took that one.

Some in Mothercare are really expensive and I don't mind paying it if it's necessary but don't want to be ripped off so any ideas of what to go for, price etc would be appreciated. x

Oh sorry hun I haven't a clue. We still have DD's cot and I can't remember what mattress it had with it. I only kept the cot because it is a nice pine one which I loved and I really couldn't bear to let it go so it got shoved up in the loft and now I'm glad I kept it and I only wish I'd kept her pram too. I'll have to get another mattress too because I think the one from that cot was thrown out.

I'm going to go and have a look at a few matresses at the baby shop in town and no doubt I'll end up getting totally ripped off because I just haven't a clue what to go for!

Trish XX

I looked at the Mothercare site but they range from about £70 to £190 so im thinking the ones at £70 can't be that great but there's not exactly a lot of weight in a baby is there so im thinking kinda middle of the road.

Yes I think I would go for middle price range tbh. £190 seems a bit steep for a matress so if there is a choice somewhere between the two that's what I would go for. I THINK the one I had last time was pocket sprung but it seems like a hundred years ago now so I'm not sure!

I'd like one with the removable cover, MIL called a bit tipsy the other night tho n said they'd like to buy the mattress n some bedding which was really nice of them both but tbh id rather have bought the mattress myself so I could get the one I wanted, i'm not too fussed just think the one with the washable cover would be handy but just thinking even if they buy one without that I can just get it seperate.

My aunts bought a pram set, and it can also be used as a footmuff, I already have the footmuff that goes with my Jane buggy but it'll be a great spare, so im pretty sorted for everything, how about you did you keep a lot of the kids stuff other than the cot?

i think pretty much every mattress have removable covers nowadays. a foam mattress will be fine to support babies weight up to 2 years, as long as it is turned regularly and NEVER second hand.
sprung mattresses for babies are like orthopedic mattresses for adults, most people dont NEED them, but some people buy them just for the extra bit of comfort. a baby doesnt NEED a sprung mattress but if you can afford a sprung one then go for it, but remember it really is more of a comfort factor rather than a medical one (although those advert in the shops comparing the mattresses would love you to think otherwise) a foam mattress will support baby properly for normal development, but just isnt as squishy and comfy as a sprung one.

Thanks caduto, that makes it a lot clearer, I want him to be as comfy as poss tho maybe then he'll actually sleep in his cot now n again as Aiden rarely did!

No I only kept the cot and I'm not sure why I really kept that tbh. I was adamant DD was my last so gave everything to charity shop. I really wish I'd kept the pram because it was a Quinny Buzz and I loved it and it cost a lot of money but hey ho, someone else will have benefited from it I'm sure and it does mean I can go pram shopping again which I love!

Lol wish id given ours away and needed another .. if I really wanted one id get one don't get me wrong but it just feels so daft when there's a perfectly good one sat there!

Enjoy your pram shopping x

Think i'll just take a wee look at the Quinny Buzz online anyway lol everyone raves about it.

I bought one for about £130, 12 years ago, BUT it was very good. It was a cot bed mattress, so did for several years.It also had a zip off top pad that could go in the washing machine- brilliant for those early days scattergun- type poops!