what exercising are you doing?


What do you guys do for exercising?

Just before Christmas me and my mate were in full swing on 'walking' about three times a week, not til about 8/9 o clock at night, but we'd walk about 3 miles briskly, which was great nattering on the way.

Since Christmas, with various things going on, the weather as well, we have only got out once :( We were planning to go out tonight, but it was pouring down with rain >:P

So this evening.......... the whole family did a workout at home, my 17yr old daughters DVD - WAGS workout, OH gave up after 5 minutes (it was hilariious watching him though! :)) ) - and I found out I was actually fitter than my 17 year old which pleased me!! >:) But my 10 year old son was fantastico!!! He kept up, he was obviously a lot more flexible that all of us put together. It was a fun (although hard work) 40min of family time!!


Im getting a rowing machine on thursday, whch im very excited about!! Will have a row each night whilst watching the telly!

Im walking to school and back every morning (about an hour) and doing situps every evening.

I HATE exercise!!!!!

I run most nights, in winter I use the treadmill, in summer I run outside. It's ok because I've been doing it for so long I'm used to it, but I'm not very motivated some evenings.

We've got a cross trainer and a rowing machine which I do for 15 minutes every other night. And I walk O to nursery whenever it's not raining/snowing, which takes a good hour there and back.

Still hate exercise though.

I HATE exercise too!! The walking is good as it gives me and my mate chance to catch up, with out being interupted with 'mum..............'

You two do loads!!! I would walk to school but with work I just can't do it. Although Friday my day off I could BUT it's our 'slow' morning - somethimes I'm in my PJ's in my car dropping him off!!

I seem to be on my own in LOVING exercise lol!

I did 9 classes last week, 3 so far this week, but I do that anyway not only when I'm trying to lose weight.
I have had a gym membership for almost two years, I'm not so keen on the actual gym but the classes are amazing, with a wonderful instructor who has become a friend as well.

I do Body Attack, Fat Attack, Body Balance, Circuits, Body Conditioning and Body Pump with the occasional Step class.

The family work out sounds great fun!
ursh x

I find my mood improves dramatically after exercise, especially if its outside, I do need some motivation to get up and go to the gym, though with OH helping me get back on track its been great, before Id the two bubs I went to the gym every morning before work, I loved it, starting off going every other day now and plenty of walking, have got an exercise dvd but think if my neighbours see me bouncing about in my living room they'll think ive gone totally mad lol.
Just waiting on es coming home from school and am off out again with the bubs for a walk, ive one of those american jogger 3 wheelled double buggies and its brilliant for running with plus the fact that you're pushing that too helps you burn more calories.

I so need some motivation to do something again.

I normally do the Ministry of sound-pump it up and Clubland-work it out dvds. But with the weather being a bit cr@p AND our shower is broken, i just can't bring myself to do it :S

I wish i could afford a treadmill, i don't mind running on those!

Oh and Jac, i close my curtains in the front room when i do my dvds!!

jobi, I could only do it during the day when OH is at work cos i know hed kill himself laughing at me and id never do it then. So if I close the curtains during the day the neighbours will definitely be talking lol

Thats what i do. Dh goes to work, i close the curtains and stick on the dvd!!

Its fun to give the neighbours to talk about ;)

Ive just been on the rower for 20 mins while watching big brother from last night! Its kills my legs!! I walked to school this morning (1 hr) and i think i will do some situps tonight. I really really have to push myself to do the rowing and exercising tho because i have no motivation to do it!!!

Taking the dog for a walk or a run on the field always makes me feel good.