what exercising are you doing?

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what exercising are you doing?

What do you guys do for exercising?

Just before Christmas me and my mate were in full swing on 'walking' about three times a week, not til about 8/9 o clock at night, but we'd walk about 3 miles briskly, which was great nattering on the way.

Since Christmas, with various things going on, the weather as well, we have only got out once :( We were planning to go out tonight, but it was pouring down with rain >Tongue

So this evening.......... the whole family did a workout at home, my 17yr old daughters DVD - WAGS workout, OH gave up after 5 minutes (it was hilariious watching him though! Smile) ) - and I found out I was actually fitter than my 17 year old which pleased me!! >Smile But my 10 year old son was fantastico!!! He kept up, he was obviously a lot more flexible that all of us put together. It was a fun (although hard work) 40min of family time!!