Shortness of Breath


I can't remember this happening with the other two but I am really feeling shortness of breath. I have to literally take a massive gulp of air to breath. MW is coming to see me on Saturday so I'll mention it to her, but has anyone else had this?

I didn't but my freind who was pregnant at the same time as me had the same symptoms and it turned out that she had become anaemic. Can you not phone MW and talk to her about it as I think Saturday is too long to wait.
Take care

i think anemia can cause shortness of breath,i think also as the baby gets bigger you can also feel that too,have they checked your iron levels yet? i think when your further on you may get more shortness of breath but your not that far on are you?

13 weeks. But I'm huge already if that makes any difference!

I had more shortness of breath with Aiden but I had it quite late on and put it down to everything inside being squashed. I'd get checked over before Saturday too, although im sure everythings fine. x

It is normally to do with anemia, I used to take it though, I did pass out a few times (always at the most embarrasing times

Are you much more tired than you've ever been (and I don't mean pregnancy tiredness) if so it's probably anaemia.

I had shortness of breath with my second. I mentioned it in passing to my GP and he arranged some tests. It was a heart murmur which apparantly is common in pregnancy. When they retested me after giving birth it had gone.

F x

lemur i had that its called a systollic murmur and it was only due to the doctor listening carefully that she found it, i diddnt think nothing more of it untill i was pregnant again and wanted a home birth,doctor checked me out and said i would be fine to have the home birth,i asked him to check if i still had the murmur after giving birth and i did,i should have had tests and things done but am allregic to doctors!

Update - the MW isn't too concerned about the shortness of breath. She said it's fairly common. She is more concerned about the fact I am so big and that I have tightenings already which she can feel when putting her hand on my tummy. I told her I was huge with DD and had tightenings this early on with her too!

Anyway, she is still visiting me again on Saturday to do blood tests etc etc.

Glad everythings ok, and at least doing the tests will just make sure everythings fine.