GCSE mock results


MD came home today with her I presume mock results it's all been rather confusing, she said they were the exams so I'm wondering if they are modules rather than mocks ?

Anyway her scores were really low - she bristled and said she tried her best and of course gobby me said 'umm' - how do you work with a youngster who is convinced they are trying their best when they aren't ?

According to the paper she got less than half marks on both chemistry sets and the grades were down as `1b and 1c - I think, it's not torn up in the bin due to a mega strop -her not me.

Any advice or information on this most welcome as I need to know what it is she has taken but cannnot find any info on it via the paperwork we have.

Thanks p xx

Polly remind me how old MD is again?
In year 10 my ES undertook modules for science which counted after further modules to a GCSE result

That's the bunny Jacqui thanks - I cannot see the point of a re=sit without work but that's up to the school tbh. I'll ring tomorrow and see how the land lies and if I can make any more sense out of these results.

p xx

Es wanted to resit an A, why

Polly - my daughter got really low marks in her mocks eg, Ds, Es, Fs! But she got 9 A to Cs in the real GCSEs so there is time to catch up plus I was told for the mocks they do actual papers from previous years but haven't covered all the work by the time they sit them IYSWIM. Not sure if that's the case with your MD but might be worth asking school.

ES sat science modules at the end of Year 10 which contribute about 33% to the final GCSE result I think. Modules he sat were Chemistry (C1, C2 and C3), Biology (B1, B2 and B3) and Physics (P1, P2, P3). He sits modules 4, 5 and 6 in each subject this year (OCR Gateway Science).

Could the 1b and 1c refer to the module and not her score iyswim? Just a thought....

I think it does children good to guff up their mocks at times... makes them take things a bit more seriously.

I know it did me absolutely NO good at all to get pretty much the highest mark in the year for a paper I sat when I was drunk and not just a little tiddly but proper drunk- in fact I didn't get that GCSE at all because I was so disillusioned with it I didn't sit the exam... I got an X

(Technology by the way...almost as pointless a subject as general studies)

Is she year 10 or year 11 Poll?

She's year 10 and I think it's what peardrop said a module and worth that much eek what a mess. I also think that the numbers/letters could be the modules and I've confused them with the SAT's as she has got an E.

Trying to get through to her that the score doesn't matter it's the effort - ach kids huh.

It sounds like they were the mocks for the modules though Polly. If it were the actual module exam itself the result would come through the post from the examining body - well ES's did anyway.

My ES's results were given to them at school, depends on the examining body I think