GCE Decision Mathematics


Did anyones kids take GCE Decision Mathematics last week?
I invigilated this exam at a local High School. I could not believe what I was seeing. It was a 1 hour 30 exam, there were about 5 questions, each was a collection of shapes and lines with measurements, followed by a question something like calculate x or whatever. This was followed by about 4-5 blank pages for the childrens answers. Walking round the exam there seemed to be a lot of crossing out going on. I read through the paper(out of boredem) it meant nothing to me it could have been in Chinese I would have understood just as much.

A lot of people are saying about exams being dumbed down but this one well!
And what is Decision Mathematics anyway?

I know it was a lot of years ago I did my exams but they have such wierd and wonderful names these days!

Not heard of it - was it dumbed down ? It sounds like it or maybe it was 5 REALLY hard questions lol

I've just found this on a school website:

"Mathematics is a fascinating subject to study in its own right, or as a tool for use with other A Levels. There are modules available in Pure (Core), and the three applications of Maths: Statistics, Decision and Mechanics. Core and Mechanics are especially useful to support A Level Physics or for a career in Engineering; Statistics has uses in many areas including Psychology, Biology, Geography, Economics; Decision is used in the areas of Accounts, Business Studies and IT.

Decision Maths – Modules D1,D2

Decision Mathematics involves developing and applying mathematical techniques in a variety of practical situations and is particularly relevant for students wishing to apply mathematical methods in Business Studies, Economics, Accounts and Management.
Finding the shortest route through a network
Planning the best route for a salesman who has to visit a particular set of towns
Finding the best route for a postman who has to make deliveries to every house in a particular area
Graph and Game theory
Using graphs to make decisions (linear programming)
Problem solving using systematic methods
Critical Path Analysis to help plan and monitor complex projects
Flows in Networks
Matching algorithms


I'm still no wiser, really ...!

No, Polly, it wasn't dumbed down, the only dumb thing in that room was me! It was way over my head!
Funnily enough Janey, there were children in the exam room taking Mechanics too. I could not have answered the questions but at least they were in English!

I was reasured by the GCE Mathematics paper, I could actually answer the questions in that!

LOL Maths was not my best subject - sounds as if it interesting if you like maths uch.

From Janeys post it sounds pretty useful to me? More like the maths you have to use in real life rather than Algerbra and the like!
ursh x