41 weeks


Turned 41 weeks today and had an appointment with the midwife. Trace of protein in urine but not worried about it as I've had tht before and wasnt anything to worry about. Heartbeat nice and strong, wiggled at the midwife too lol. All other checks good. She did the sweep for me, I'm 50% effaced had to sit on my hands cause cervix was far back and she put down 2cm so I assume thats how dialated I am. Not holding out that it will put me into labour though but that's ok cause I have an end date now. If the baby hasn't made it's own way by then it will be evicted on Tuesday 3pm my appointment so will more than likely be born on the Wednesday. Got a lil nervous going to appointment cause now the end really is in sight and by mid week I'm gonna be a mummy. Wow! Thanks everyone for sharing this pregnancy with me and can't wait to share being a mummy with u.

Hope baby makes an appearance soon mamabear. 2cm dilated is good. When I had a sweep with DD it did nothing at all because I was not dilating at all.

Enjoy the last few days with your bump. Put your feet up and get some rest because that baby will be here soon!

How exciting for you. I can't wait to hear your news that your bubs is here.

Trish XXX

Hurrah! Enjoy these last few quiet days (hours?) with your partner :) and we'll all be waiting eagerly here to welcome you back and your baby to the world :)

My buddy was 39 weeks a few days ago, so she's nearly there too.

Thanks, I'm definatly taking the time to enjoy these last few days (hours) lol. Me and OH have another night in planned and he's booked monday off so if baby doesnt make its own way we can spend the whole day together monday before induction day :D Was so lovely of him to do that I didn't even have to ask him he wanted to do it. He's been very cuddly last few days which has been lovely, he's definatly making the most of the time we have left together before we become a family. Good luck to ur friend Beth, hope she's not feeling too fed up :)

Good luck hun! You never know you might go over the w/e!!

Aw, that was nice of him!

Aww, Enjoy your 'couple' tiime while you can. I bet you'll be in labour on Monday, if not before!

Hope it happens before next week

That's lovely to hear MB, sending lots of get out of there vibes your way lol. Have a lovely evening.

good luck hun,i remeber being 1cm with my first i had him hours later xxxxxxxxx but then again you could go days! hope not! but i have a feeling your gonna pop over the weekend lol xx

Lets hope I do go naturally, just so good to have an end in sight oooh can't wait to meet my little baby and show off piccies :D