41 weeks


Turned 41 weeks today and had an appointment with the midwife. Trace of protein in urine but not worried about it as I've had tht before and wasnt anything to worry about. Heartbeat nice and strong, wiggled at the midwife too lol. All other checks good. She did the sweep for me, I'm 50% effaced had to sit on my hands cause cervix was far back and she put down 2cm so I assume thats how dialated I am. Not holding out that it will put me into labour though but that's ok cause I have an end date now. If the baby hasn't made it's own way by then it will be evicted on Tuesday 3pm my appointment so will more than likely be born on the Wednesday. Got a lil nervous going to appointment cause now the end really is in sight and by mid week I'm gonna be a mummy. Wow! Thanks everyone for sharing this pregnancy with me and can't wait to share being a mummy with u.

Ah it wont matter when the lo is in your arms, hope you do go on your own, induced aint great but on the positive side you'll have the baby so it'll keep you going x

Dosn't sound like you'll get your relaxing day with OH tomorrow - sound like baby is going to set the pattern of the next 18 or so years.... All the best!

Isn't that always the way, best laid plans etc, curl up and enjoy last bit with DH

Good luck mama, hope to hear soon that bubs is here! x

well def getting contractions from wht I described to a friend shes pretty sure they are, so gonna get some sleep while they're mild. Might be on tomorrow but depends how quick it prgresses lol. night all speak soon.

Oh maybe baby tomorrow, sleep well if you can, good luck hun fingers all crossed for you, DH and bubs, Take care xxx

Fingers crossed! Good luck!

Jo x

Sorry for late reply,

good luck, Hope all goes well. xxx

Oooooh this is exciting. Good luck Mamabear.


Still here but getting contractions still, managed a good nights sleep but woke up about 7am. Not like me at all lol, I like my sleep and lie ins (haha bye bye lie ins) I'm swaying on birth ball to keep things going. They're stronger than lastnight, still bearable though so not phoning up yet. It's a half hour drive up to hospital but might give unit a call and see if they'll check me over.