Safer Internet Day today!


Hi everyone,

Today is Safer Internet Day, which raises awareness of keeping kids safe while they're online.

The BBC have posted an internet safety video for five year olds and there's also a cartoon aimed at five to seven year olds

But I'm sure you all have your own ways of keeping your kids safe on the internet...? What do you do to ensure they are protected and aware of the dangers?

I think the best thing you can do, especially with younger children is to have the PC in a family room with a 'family' log-in.
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Morning Jasmin, they are doing this in school today with YD and I did a survey yesterday at home and this was mentioned.

We have K9 on our kid's pc, it's been really good as you can customise the level of access you want and the older lass at almost 18 has the password so she can over ride it, drives her mad but makes it workable for them all - we also have a programme called VNC installed which means that I can log on and see what they are doing although I only use this with the younger two.

TBH the only one we have any issues with is the middle girl at 14 and at the moment she is on a permanant ban as it was too much of a temptation for her not to try to use sites that were unsuitable.

There is a newsround special about this on BBC 1 at 4.55pm

I wasn't aware of any safety software when my OD was younger so taught her myself. She probably didn't start using the internet though until she was at secondary school and then I taught her not to chat with anyone unless she knew them in person, if she broke this rule she got banned hence it only happened once I think. Never had a problem with her looking at unsuitable sites and although we had no safety software one of the rules was that she had to keep the history of sites visited.

There was a FANTASTIC programme on this evening - a Newsround Special on CBBC. Both my kids 7 & 4 watched it. Really engaging and informative and fantasic at the level that it needed to be. In one part of the story a girl was getting up early to sneak downstaris onto the PC, ED actually said - wow she's so lucky, you don't let me do that. Later in the programme it came out that the "friend" on the pc was actually a fully grown man and ED just turned to me and said, ok mum i'll always listento you. It didn't scare them, but certainly highlighted the dangers.

Gonna show that to YS Kom ta!

ES and I watched it together and I found it interesting form a parent piont of view. DH has said before that ES will not have internet access in his bedroom until he is at least 15/16.

Safer Internet Day aims to teach children and teenagers that they can control their online identity, by using the privacy settings offered by social networing services, selecting friends online that they can trust, publishing their own photos after thinking carefully about the potential consequences, and pictures of their friends with their permission.