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Thank you for explaining the lingo to me, Athene!

And no, the day you stop believing is a very sad day indeed.

Friend of mine (single professional mum with two small girls) used the dating bit of Guardian newspaper to meet someone, because she thought that all men who bought the Guardian would at least have some standards! No idea if that is true, but she has been living with the second man she met for the past three years. The only problem initially was that they lived miles apart, but he moved in with her in the end.


I know several people who have met someone relatively quickly and seem happy - I guess I'm looking in the wrong places!!

My best friend keeps telling me that I should join e-harmony 'it's not a dating site, it's a relationship site' -okey dokey!!!!.

I think the real problem (in my limited experience) is that so many people aren't completely honest on these sites - and people (OK men!!) have a very different idea of how they look - many describe themselves as 'attractive' or 'very attractive' when some of them would give Quasimodo a run for his money! I wish if they were looking for a bimbo with a pneumatic chest and an IQ the size of a walnut then they'd just say so

I don't think I'm gorgeous but I haven't been known to scare small children either but I'm obviously NOT what men, or the ones I quite like, are interested in. Hey ho - I'll carry on recruiting and by the time you are ready for the convent Char I'll be Mother Superior and ANYTHING will go!!