Breathing and stomach issues

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Breathing and stomach issues

At my bipolar group today the nurse who runs it was covering food and mood. Anyway she said something very interesting. Apparently, if you suffer regular stomach issues, one of the things you should look at is your breathing. Apparently deep, regular breathing 'massages' your stomach on a regular basis which in turn promotes good stomach health- people who breathe very shallowly apparently have poorer digestive health.

I LOVE how extraordinary our bodies are!

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Do you think stress and worry levels can affect your stomach too? I find when I stress my tummy gets really upset.

It's interesting how interlinked our bodies are, and how one totally unrelated thing can affect something else.


I think it does Char!

I know when I am stressed then I suffer upsets and so does my DH, mind you that could be because of his colitis lol

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That's interesting EB! It reminds me of how when you are feeling tense, if you make a concious effort to relax your shoulders, and your hands, actually does make you feel more relaxed!

Oh, and don't they say that if you pretend to smile for so long it becomes a real one?

ursh x