Children's favourite books removed from library shelves after parents complain they’re 'offensive'

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BFG have you found out their policy yet?  I'm dying to know!

I think the Daily Wail have probably exaggerated the pc'ness of it, as they tend to do with everything but there must be an element of truth to it, which is just crazy imho.

ursh x

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Erm, no, i haven't left the house today, I did some real work instead:shy:. I really need to go to the library though, so i might go once P comes home from school. i will post as soon as i get an answer!

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I think they should have 'parent advisory' stickers ... like the ones they have for CDs with swearing in the songs, or sexual references, or whatever ...

If a book has been reported as offensive this can be recorded somewhere - complaints folder? and a sticker slapped on the book. Parents then have to give their consent for their little darling to borrow the book (OK, little darling can still sneak read it whilst in the library, but never mind!)

It flags up to the parents that there may be 'issues' regarding the book, and enables them to either dicuss the issues with their child, assume their child will be OK with the issues, or refuse the loan of the book ... and covers the back of the librarians so they can't get into 'trouble' by some horrified parent.


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It beggers belief that Revolting Rhymes has been pulled off library shelves - how can it suddenly be "offensive" when it's been in circulation since 1982!

I'm assuming that you can still ask for it at the library, that they keep in "under the counter" so to speak.

I love my local library.  Practically on first name basis with the staff members as I spend a lot of time there.  I would hate to think that my enjoyment (or my girls) has the potential to be spoilt because suddenly we aren't able to borrow a book that we might have been able to the previous week, all due to a complaint.  Madness!