Do You Spend Your Life On The School Run?

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no school run here as ds gets the school bus to and from school and with his primary school we only lived round the corner to the school.

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We walk to school which is 2 minutes along the road and my work is a further 2 minutes walk from there. I probably spend half an hour a week driving them to their activities.

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Honestly - are we actually having a discussion about this?  If you are amongst those that are moaning about how much you spend on fuel and how much time is spent taking your kids to school then you should have thought twice about having kids if they are so much trouble!  It's your job as a parent to ferry them about from A - Z.  Get over it!

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In all fairness, it is a discussion forum Wink

I don't think many parents on here 'mind' as such, or not to the extent of deciding not to have children, anyway. . If a parent minded THAT much they would send their children to the local school and not allow them to go to any clubs. But because we are good parents, and we do care, we sometimes deliberately make choices that require more ferrying about, despite knowing the increase in time and costs this will incur.

In my case, I have a son with a statement of SEN- he has autism. I have to drive him to school because he could not manage public transport, and the school he goes to is not our local or even our next local school, because they are not the best suited to his needs. Autism is a social disability, and as such he attends two youth groups during the week. One is a mixed SEN/ regular kids group and one is all SEN, and neither of them are walkable either.

And that's my choice, I could say blow it, local school, no clubs, tough tits, but I don't because I want the best for him. And the time it takes is significant.But  I judge that it is worth it. I don't work in the paid sense (I am the boy's carer, and I also have a disability myself, and I study) all this petrol is a big chunk out of what is a fairly meagre weekly budget- and remember many people's wages etc have been frozen whilst living costs increase- lots of people are really feeling the pinch at the moment. 

And finally, a good moan helps us all along the way sometimes. You'll encounter a good many moans on here if you stick around (and welcome, by the way!) but you will also find we love our children dearly and don't regret the choices we make with regard to them, however expensive x

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nice post EB, very nicly put.