Do you take lots of pictures?

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Do you take lots of pictures?

I have to confess I take hardly any, and now they are a bit bigger I wished I had to be honest.  I have none on the walls, and very few on the computer.

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I do if we are out, should really take more though 

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Not really, no.

I take some on my phone sometimes, which reminds me, I should transfer them to the computer.

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when my girls were little i didnt take many and really regret it now, but i take loads now on my phone. the camera on my phone is really good and its always in my pocket so easy to whip it out and take a pic or vid of the boy doing something amusing or dressed up in whatever has taken his fancy that day.

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Yep, I take dozens pretty much every day. For my 30th DH bought me a Lumix G3 and I love it. I've not got enough of them around the house, but I love to print hundreds off at birthdays and christmas and make up picture albums for family, especially grandparents. 

I think it's a childhood thing for me; I have probably two or three pictures of my entire childhood, so I'm very deliberately trying to ensure I capture everything the boys do; when they grow up wer have treasure boxes, momentoes and pictures showing every achievement, holiday and adventure. To the point where they're probably not going to be at all interested!

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I've got a lumix I'm always taking photos. I got all the photo albums out of my Grandparents house of all of the family, we had a proper giggle going through them at their funerals. Anyways, They had collected every precious moment of everyone practically from birth. No one else wanted them so I have a loft full.

You may think you would remember but a photo always floods memories back.


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I literally have thousands - not all printed though! I am a bit snap happy but I love taking pics! The oh bought me a NikonD3100 this year and it's amazing so if it's possible I have even more photos lol!
I love catching a 'moment', I really do need to carry on with putting them all in photo albums! I think mine stems from Mum passing away - I have loads of photos of me, us and family and that's what I want for the boys x

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I take my camera everywhere and take loads of pics, i love looking back through them all xx

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OH is the one that always takes the photos here, I love photos of the los but I hate being in photos unlike the Los who pose at any given moment.

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LOTS! My mum took loads of pictures of me when I was growing up and I love looking through them.  I have lots of pictures up around the house, in albums in the attic, in memory boxes etc for them when they grow up.  They love having their pictures taken.  We have several professional ones too.  
Looking forward to taking a picture of all 4 in their school uniforms in September when YD starts Nursery. 

SIL made me a montage for my birthday a few years ago (the year yd turned 1) - each of my babies on their 1st birthday probably my favourite photo ever Smile

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I think a lot of photos never go beyond Facebook these days, I know I keep meaning to print some off but never seem to get around to it!

People are taking more and more pictures of their kids now because it's so much easier to upload them, and print them if you want than the 'olden days' (oh my gosh!) when my kids were little and you have to actually buy camera film and take them to Boots to be developed!!

ursh x