Do you take paid hobbies into account when allocating pocket money ?

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Activites again for me far outway pocket money. Judo [ £45 per term , plus grading of £20] football [ £42 pt ], swimming [ £28 pt ] karting £10 pm. He has just stopped drumming lessons as I can't afford it anymore a £20 per week.

Yes Polly I do think that activites for us are more important than pm

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I think you need both.

The budgeting they learn, and self control, and delayed gratification - that's all enormously important - and I can't see how you can teach them apart from with money on an ongoing and measurable basis.

But they need activities too.

So I think kids need both.

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I agree with Corris, I think both is giving a well rounded approach.
Mine get £5 a month pocket money. We did try a points system more for YD to see if she could earn and some months she did bless her. But she discovered that, by herself I'm proud to say, that cleaning her room and putting her clothes in the wash and such she did before she got pocket monoey so she didn't want anymore!!!
I do pay for her to do a class at school which cost £25 a term + a stepping up fee once a term of £17.50. £1.50 a week swimming with the school, they do that for a term every 3 terms now. All the other activites she does at school are free and for an hour after school.
OD gets more money purely because of being at secondary school, although she takes pack up she sometimes asks for money to get extra drink or cake, not often though, she's very proud of her Mum's R project materials and cookery as well. And her after school clubs are free as well, she does drama & science.


I think personally getting a balance is hard especially if you have little money left over, we were broke when the boys were small and I mean seriously rummaging down the sofa sides for pennies broke for a long time - but we always made sure the lads got a treat - but they didnt'; have pocket money and I agree for most it does teach them budgeting.

WE tried the allowance with MD, the other kids were so jealous as they would have been made up with that set up, we just could not afford it but they have all had clubs and activities - that's really important to them and us I think.

MD now gets £5 a week, she goes to cadets twice a week and any camps or weekend activities they run, she is also on a tenner a month clothing allowance (not much but it's only to cover what she wants, all her basic stuff is covered as I know she will not replace the basics) - YD earns her money already at 11 lol. She is really loving being able to save she talks about spending but prefers to use mine - and of course she has no concept of monetary value, cannot pay for something and calculate the change so it's an ongoing thing with her.

I think from my perspective if money were that tight again I would go with activities rather than pocket money but hopefully we wont' have to do that again.

p xx


Oh I agree Polly. If money were that tight mine would get one or the other - not both. And also, if they chose activities it would have to be limited to one each.

When money is that tight essentials have to come before luxuries and pocket money/activities in that situation would be considered luxuries here.


I'd rather my kids do activities than give them pocket money and do no hobbies, thats if it was an either or situation.


I sometimes do wonder if we get the balance right as MD has no idea of money and still buys trash,she can know she is going out and spend what she has before it then wonders what to do when it's all gone.

Do you think we give too much now?


Lol, we don't cos we're in the 'skint' category!!

I do think swimming lessons are a must though. Which is why mine do them, dd would to, she's itching to get in that pool!!


I agree some authorities do free lessons for the kids, have you looked into that ?


Yeah, ours don't, as usual!! Same with the cloth nappy business 8|

Ds2 will start the lessons at school next year though. And he's the one thats just moved up a stage and has one-2-one cos no-one else is in his swimming class!!