double trouble

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double trouble

When I found out I was pregnant with twins, and whenever I went out and about with the babies people joked ' double trouble, eh?' I used to defend them angriliy, 'no, double cuddles'. Noone would joke about it now. Two two year olds has been doing my head for months. They're only a month off 3 and there's no sign of any let up. They've just switched places on the naughtiest scale. T1 is sooooo defiant and stubborn and expasterating I find it hard not to lose it with her almost every day. T2 is starting to understand reward strategies etc. T1 just screams louder if you put on her on the naughty step and nothing will make her do what you want if she doesn't want to...
I've always hated the tv but lately I've been using it as a bribe and at least they're quiet when it's on and it's better than yelling at them...
Anyone got any better strategies for dealing with two? (And, yes, I do think it's because there's 2 of them, individually they are quite manageable!)