Finally a pet to suit us all!

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Finally a pet to suit us all!

I have finally found a pet for my youngest son, that fits in with everyone in the family, hubby has mobility problems, so anything small that runs around the house is a no no, they ahve already doen the hamster but, and were fed up that they are active at night, hubby hates the tails on rats (although they are active during the day) My 13 year old is terrified of medium and large dogs, so they are out, we are often out all day as well, so the pet has got to be able to keep itself ammused, also my son wants something he can interact with, so for the past 6 weeks we have been the proud owners of a lovely baby budgie, who is very spoilt, very entertaining, very noisy, and is already learing to talk and coppy noises.  Everyone happy

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Aw that's ace! I used to have a budgie as a child and I loved it to pieces! I did have one as an adult too - that one used to fly around the room then land on my head!!

Enjoy your new addition!

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I'm not over-keen on pet birds personally, but everyone I know who has had budgies thinks they are rather super pets, so I hope yours is equally lovely!! If i had a budgie / parrot / mynah bird, i would teach it to swear and sing rude songs...I wonder how long it would take for the novelty of a foul-mouthed pet to wear off? (Not very long, I suspect!)

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The bird would deliberately sing the crudest songs whenever your MIL visited. It's sods law, like when the children suddenly announce their repertoire of swears as soon as you sit down to lunch in a posh restaurant.

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My cousin used to have 2 of them and they used to sing to each other - at 3 in the morning lol! They make lovely pets though. Congratulations on your new addition x 

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Aww pleased to hear that wilfver (and nice to see you around too!).

What have you called your budgie?

We had a budgie about 9 years ago, a friendly little thing it was.  We used to let if fly round the house sometimes but it met an unfortunate and untimely end when YD slammed the kitchen door in a strop and didn't notice Joey perched on top, so be warned!

ursh x


He was named by our youngest and is Toby!, hubby is not too keen on having him out for a fly round, (and he is also very nervous still), so we have got him a large cage so that he can fly round in there quite safely.  I am trying with opening his door and puttin a perch outside for him, but we keep the sitting room door closed when this is done, and as it is normally open, the boys are very carefull when they open it.  He has lots of toys to keep him ammused, and has become a bit of an accrobat, he even lets my son stroke him and if he puts his hand out flat the bird will walk onto it.  When we are not in the haouse we keep the radio on low for him as he seems to love music, and my mum has agreed to take him when we go away for 2 weeks in the summer, but he will be confined to a bedroom, as she has a cat.  He currently has 2 mirrors, and will 'talk' away to one mirror, the go tot he ohter one and 'talk' away there, then go back to the first mirror etc.  He loves being sprayed with warm water, and we are thinking of getting him a bird bath, as he is such a clean bird, but a bit messy as he is still losing his baby feathers.  We have had hours of entertainment out of him already


Managed to work out how to up load a picture of Toby, this was taken the day we got him, but he is now in a much biger cage