Free or cheap summer things to do?

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Free or cheap summer things to do?

Has anyone started saving the toilet roll innards yet for modelling?

I know some things are ticketed, and sometimes if you are early it's cheaper (rail fares) - so is anyone already onto what they are doing this summer?  Or have any ideas for everyone else?

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We're on a beach trip with my sister & neice & visiting the country parks round here if the weathers good, my girls still love it at 11 & 14. One of them is bound to ask to go to the museums in London & YD wants to go to the railway museum in York again.

I am planning on booking the Harry Potter experience its £83 for a family ticket, luckily we don't pay for train fares as DH works for the trains so thats a huge amount off. I've got to book a day & time soon.

I have started collecting crafty bits for when I have my neice & goddaughters, along with them all wanting to

I was thinking it would get harder to occupy them as they got older, but gladly, not yet.


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I haven't any plans as yet, a fair amount depends on the weather ....

Sparkle, let me know when you will be going to the NRM, we could meet you there, and anyone else that can be in the area, of course

Not free, but a good day out (in decent weather) is the York maize maze, that is an annual trip for us now.

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Sparkle, my DD - who is NOT a Harry Potter fan  went on that trip for a friend's birthday celebration a couple of weeks ago.  Absolutely loved it, contrary to her expectation.

She doesn't really want to do organised activities now, but when she was younger we had a local Ecology Centre that used to do fun half day courses (bat watching, insect hunting, pond dipping, building a volcano type activities) which weren't too expensive, and good fun.  A local church also did a week's course for 7 - 11 year olds, something like £25 for 10 - 4pm five days a week.  DD never did it but I believe there was a waiting list!  Certainly worth looking at what local sports centres and churches are offering, if any, as some of them are quite good value.

Home Start do local events in parks etc, but depends upon how proactive the local HS is! 

Libraries often do story times for the younger ones, and a scheme called something like National Book Challenge (can't remember the name) where children have to read a book and discuss it with a volunteer.  A certain number of books read gets a prize/certificate etc.  This is very popular in my local library.

The library is also a great place to find out about any local events which are happening.  We sometimes go to the Open Days at our Animal Rescue Centre because I have seen them advertised at the library, wouldn't know about them otherwise.