Investigation into 'cut and paste' Ofsted reports.

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Investigation into 'cut and paste' Ofsted reports.

An investigation has begun into claims that Ofsted approved "cut and paste" inspection reports using identical sentences and phrases.

Two primary schools were placed in special measures following the reports describing "inadequate" standards, the TES reports.

Ofsted is looking at whether Belvedere Junior School in Kent and Malmesbury Primary School in east London were treated unfairly.

But it stands by the overall judgments.

The reports on the two schools repeat a number of sentences verbatim and key passages differ by only one or two words, according to the Times Educational Supplement.

Both schools were visited by a team with the same lead inspector who works for Tribal, a company contracted by Ofsted to carry out inspections.

What surprises me most is that Ofsted actually contract out the inspections?!!  I never knew that, is that common knowldege?

The 'cut and paste' aspect doesn't bother me too much, it's not inconceivable that two schools would be at such similar levels as to have almost identical working in their reports.  There are only so many ways you can say the same thing aren't they?   And many childrens school reports are partly a cut and paste job as well.   I'd rather Ofsted staff (or the contractors) spent time more constructively than looking through a thesaurus for another way to say 'failing'!

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If you write a specific type of report time after time then you are bound to develop stock phrases and ways of talking, even if you don't actually cut and paste - I know this is true in my line of work.  I don't see a problem, as long as the phrases used are appropriate.

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It sounds like the schools wanted to attack the validity of the report by taking issue with the content - totally different thing surely?

Anyway, to go into special measures isn't such a terrible thing, my kids were at one in special measures and I thought it was great.