A Late Thank You.... and a mystery!!

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So who were the undies from? lol.

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I guess we'll never know!

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well of course they won't admit it now...

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I think you've mixed up your gifts K; did you receive anything from a friend who might be interested in more over Christmas, and were surprised to find that it was a SS type present??
Did he look surprised when you thanked him for a bookmark/bath salts/miniature baileys/earrings etc????
Have you let a blatant sexual advance go unnoticed???? Big smile

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lol, can you imagine opening a gift which you think is from this website expecting bath salts etc only to find some slinky undies. pmsl - I can't imagine what went through K's mind.

Hopefully we will find out who sent the undies before Valentine's day!

~~~ I wish my love life was so interesting lol 8>

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I honestly still don't know who they are from!!

They aren't properly "sized" as in no cups.... so it's no one who knows me THAT well (which of course would have been the ex husband and that's just, frankly, weird)

The decorator who I went on a date with before Christmas gave me a voucher.... and I just don't think that he's the type (and it was only the one date and no I'm not seeing him again whether it was him or not!)

So. At a loss. Mr Secret Sexy Santa.... would you please reveal yourself (but only if you are my ideal man lol)

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That leaves you with Daedy and Mr Fluffy on here, lol!!


pmsl omg i so wanna know haha