Meal-deals to boost school food

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Meal-deals to boost school food

Schools are being encouraged to offer more cut-price meals in a bid to entice more pupils back into their canteens.

Many secondary students stop eating school lunches, often tempted by cheap local take-aways, the government says.

Schools wanting to offer their own meal-deals need special permission not to charge everyone the same amount per item.

From next year a change in the law will allow school dinner price promotions with less red tape.

Overall the number of pupils eating school meals are gradually increasing with 173,000 more pupils eating them in 2010-11 than the year before.

But at the start of secondary school there is a drop off. So under the new rules, schools would be able to offer a dinner-deal for pupils starting a new school to get them into the canteen.

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Where my girls are they are not allowed off site at lunchtime unless they are in the 6th form. The canteen is pretty good as it goes (even I've eaten in there) and they get a booklet of money off vouchers at the beginning of every term to use on specific days.


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Sparkle they need permission but loads don't ask and do leave at lunchtimes,it's the same here need permission but most just go. How do the schools monitor it all they don't sadly. 

I wouldn't eat the school dinners they are not very filling and cost a bomb now. Strangely mine are always starving when they come in. 2 hours after lunch?????

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School meals at Es school sound lovely. They aren't allowed off site either but as they only get 40 minutes there isn't time to go off and visit a take away.

they do meal deals there and have a range of food from salad bar to pasta and pizza counter and a subs counter.