New test at end of year 6

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New test at end of year 6

To test 'basic skills' - really, they should have them anyway, I despair of our education system;

Every 11-year-old in the country is to be tested on their grammar and punctuation skills.

The new exam in May could also include a check on the neatness of handwriting.

The initiative is aimed at preparing children for tougher GCSEs which will put a stronger emphasis on spelling, punctuation and grammar.

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Well if GCSE's are to really get tougher then it's a great idea.  Then at least the schools have a decent shot at bringing up to scratch those students who are lacking in basic skills at 11.

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The topline changes for 2013 SATs are outlined in our feature about Lord Bew's review; we'll be offering lots more information about the new grammar test in the run-up to May 2013.

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I hope they DO check on children's handwriting - having looked at my 9 year old's books last night, her punctuation, grammar, and spelling are actually very good, but the rubbishness of her handwriting leaves a lot to be desired and means that you miss the quality of the content.

I have been marking school exams recently and the standard of handwriting, punctuation and grammar has been pretty poor. I was really quitre surprised at how bad it was, even for 13 and 14 year olds, who are only a couple of years off GCSEs.

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I think it is a good idea.  My son is at the end of year 6.  His hand writing is appalling, despite me getting him to redo work a lot of the time.
It is also time that punctuation and grammar were taken more seriously.   I often pick my son up on some of the things he has written as to me they make no sense.

He is a very bright, able boy, who does really well at school, but this lack of grammar and punctuation will hold him back as he goes further up the school.  Part of the problem is that schools don't tend to focus so much on these anymore.

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Our primary school was part of the pilot group for the 'new' test this year,  Results are given out at school today, but it may just give the overall grade for literacy SATs,

Reading the example questions on the link gave me a flash back to my 11 Plus exam. :O

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About time with the handwriting, I've made my children rewrite things in the past and been told by the teacher that the scruy stuff was ok, not to me it wasn't