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Party Bags Ideas


It's my daughters 7th birthday soon and I'm starting to plan the dreaded party bags!!

She's only got a few people coming so I can afford to make some quite decent party bags - £4 - £5 ish.

But I need some ideas. I don't want to end up putting something in it that won't be looked at ever again - we've got drawers full of coloured pencils and bouncy balls from party bags.

Do you have any ideas what I can do?

All the girls are age 6 or 7 and we've got a coupel of boys as well but I don't expect to find something to suit boys and girls!!



Sorry I won't be much help because whenever I do party bags I put the cheapest junk I can find in them because I just KNOW that as soon as the child gets home they'll just be discarded to the bin. That's what happens to every single one my children have ever brought home.

In my party bags this is a slice of cake, a tub of those bubble blowing things, a balloon and some sweeties (mini smarties, mars bars that sort of thing) and that's it. I refuse to spend loads of money on them.


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haha unfortunately i do the same as trish,cause whatever you buy will end up in the bin anyway,so i dont see the point in wasting money,i go home bargains and buy lots of bags of the partys toys,split them up and hey presto!

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Glittery nail varnish (kids peelable type) for the girls, Top Trumps for the boys, sweets of course and maybe if the party has a theme then something along the lines of that theme.

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Ive been doing bags for the kids for our wedding. Got a broad age
What about mini coloruing books, flying butterflies, paperdolls, Smellies, bath bubbles, mini sponges, claires accessories lucky bags might provide you with some girlie bits.
I keep an eye out for add things in the card shops, wilkinsons usually pretty good

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Hmm, my dd didn't have parties as such, just birthday treats with a few friends invited. For a cinema trip I went to the pound shop and bought as many proper bags as needed (they came with flip flops and hair accessories included) and added sweets, bag of popcorn and a drink, then handed them out on the way in to the film (cheapskate, eh). I used the same bags for boys, just removed the hair accessories and made sure that the colour was appropriate. I used to see the bags used all the time and both the lads and lasses liked the flipflops.


I am already starting on my daughter's party bags although her birthday is not until May...

Books! We have a local discount book store that does a great selection of books for all ages ranging from £0.99 to £2.99. Worked wonders for us last year (every body commented on it, kids and grown-ups alike as they are not throw-away stuff as you mostly get) and we are going down the same route this year. One book, a slice of cake and a balloon. That's it!

I have seen thought that Woollies website has some rather nice folding sun glasses in blue and pink for something like £1.50! Very tempting too!

A friend put pairs of socks in the party bags (those that you buy in sets of 6 or so from most children's clothing shops). Each kid got a pair plus cake and the bubble stuff. I didn't hear any complains and my daughter wears hers happily and always remembers those were the socks that her little friend gave her. If you are thinking of £4-£5 you could even get a T-shirt for each! A few of those sets of 2 for £8 or 3 for £10???

Good luck!

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The book people have got some great book on offer as well if you do that.
And I love my 99p shop for some of it really is complete tat

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The very best party favours are a single, age approriate, will actually be played with/used, gift and a slice of cake.

For 7 year old girls a skipping rope or a good book or a craft kit or a cheap CD of poppy songs. or a bracelet. You don't need to spend £5 to give soemthing that they will want to keep.

What are you doing for the party? If there's a theme then get something which ties in.
Good luck x

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The best party bag that DD1 has ever had contained a kite some sweets and a bit of cake. Sainsburys currently has pocket kites (they are in a little round box with a keyring attached) for £1.99.

Boots has a lot of children's toiletries in the Miko Cat range. Too pink for boys but they do shower gels, hair accessories, body glitter, nail varnish, lip gloss etc.

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Little girls usually like beads and hair bobbles too - the pound shop usually does sets of hair accessories and some fairly decent looking jewellery.

I like Collywobs idea of using a proper bag as part of the gift.