Pelvic pain

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8 weeks? Brilliant, I didn't realise you were so far along!


Oh how I remember that pain!! PSD as mentioned before.

I started getting it at 14 weeks with my DD and ended up having to walk up stairs like a crab! Towards the end I had real trouble going from lying down to sitting and then standing so do get it checked out. Lasted a few weeks after birth as well but did eventually go. I was advised to prop ip the foot end of my bed at night to ease the pressure as well.

You can also get maternity belt things from the doctor to ease pressure.

Mind you it put me of having another child as I understand it can get worse each pregnancy.

Hope it's just normal aches and pains though! Good Luck


Oh I loved getting my scan Trish it's the birth im dreading!


Awwww the birth will be OK. It's the day you get to meet your bubba - well worth all that pain I reckon!

I shouldn't have put what I did about dreading scans. Sorry to anyone who read that.



Scans are so much more detailed than they were when I had the first two - Ev I'm hoping your pains are managable and not long to go now love - Best of luck.

p xx


8 weeks and counting Beth, can't wait till it's over with!

Hope you enjoy seeing your wee bundle wriggling about when the time comes Trish.

It's not that bad tbh Pol it could be a lot worse, I was just feeling sorry for myself and wondered why it was sore when it wasn't with A. x