Popping past to say hi..

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Popping past to say hi..

...how are you all doing? Not been around for almost a year I think but had loads going on , so not had the time!

Anyways, I've still got 2 of my boys with me who are 7 & 12 now & the other 2 now wanting to live with me, they're 8 & 14 now...but thats a whole new thread at some point Smile

Am also now feeling like I live in an animal sanctuary, 3 doggies, 2 guinea pigs, a musk turtle & 2 tanks of fish lol but wouldn't have it any other way!

Most of you may not remember me but I used to haunt RK forums Big smile

B xx

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michael admin
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Hi B. Always lovely to see you. Will you be dropping in to the party tonight? - http://www.theschoolrun.com/forum/come-on-over-to-our-place-14085

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Hello! Blimey, talk about voice from the past.

See you later maybe?


Hi Michael, yep hopefully I'll be here to have a good catch up! Looks like a good idea Smile

Hiya Corris, am hoping to stick around here now that everything kinda has a bit of routine , she says LOL So nice to still see a lot of familiar peeps around x

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Hi B, great to 'see' you again.

Good news about the other 2 wanting to live with you again. Hope we can all catch up later.

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Hi there, good to see you again.

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Hiya B! Smile

ElectronBlue x


hiya guys, thankyou for the hellos Big smile

Off to have a mooch around x

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Lovely to see you back.x

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Whoop whoop !!

Love your avatar B Smile Hope to be seeing you around a bit more.

ursh x