Pregnancy After Depo Provera - part 4

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yes it did thanks Lauren and bub is cute.. making me clucky now lol

AFM - Weigh In Done

Weight 56.0kg 56.4kg +400gr
Waist 80cm 73cm -7cm
Hips 100cm 98cm -2cm
Chest 89.5 88cm -1.5cm
No loss on my Arms and Thighs :(

all in all I am pretty happy with that.. that is in 5 weeks too..

Chelsea ready for bed... BBL

Skye xx


Skye, well done! especially if you have been working your arms and legs, you may not see a loss there until you start to tone, sounds like you have been building muscle. also may account for the +400grams, as muscle weighs more than fat. all in all, great results!

Lauren, saw on FB, love how at 12 weeks the baby looks so much more like a baby than at 8 weeks when I had my scan. I will be 12 weeks tomorrow. not nauseous or anything, but still very very tired. but it is all worth it! Are you ready to go back to Oz? think you have 2 more weeks in the UK -

- Katrina, Gabe, and bean


Hey ladies, sorry I haven't been on in what seems like forever!!

Skye- well done on the weight loss! How is miss Chelsea? Can u believe Chelsea, grace, & Alyssa are about to be 2! I cant belie how time flies!!

Lauren & kartrina- I hope you are both doing well with your pregnancies! What are u guys feeling as far as pink or blue? I know you've both said but my brain is mush lol!

Donna- how is Katie doing? Any idea on when her surgery will be or if she for sure will have to have it. I feel so bad for her :(

Sally- you were close with alyssas bday it's actually the 1st, and I can't believe it's only 10 days away!! Ohhh is hayley still attempting to crawl or has she accomplished that already? I knew u mentioned it before but I wasn't sure if I missed anything lol

Anyway hello to everyone I've missed, I'm telling u my brain is horrible!!
Afu: my poor little one just got over a double ear infection :( she ran a 102.9 fever for almost a week, but thankfully she is all better now and back to her normal bad self lol. We are just about done planning her party we are having a BBQ and renting a bouncy house, and we are doing zebra hot pink and Minnie mouse theme Smile I'm still going to school, and somehow fitting the gym in there 6 days a week, I have lost 20.6lbs in 3 weeks! I think that's about it for us, I do have a few pics to share we had done for her bday!
Kathryn & Alyssa
2 in 10 days!



Sorry those are huge!!



Ok 1 more lol I love all of these pictures it's hard to pick which ones to post!


omg she is just the most cheekiest little monkey.. Love her cute smile Smile

Thanks Kathryn, well done to you also.. that is alot of weight.. congrats =D>

I have taken on the manager's roll for jakk's football (rugby league) team until our's gets back from her around australia holiday... HECTIC i tell you.. first day back today after 8 weeks worth of rain and cyclone.. and we have kids everywhere.. first game this weekend also and its at 8am on SUNDAY ~X( What have I done wrong to get an early start on a sunday ???

anyhow, looking forward to it.. boys are excited and the coach, who is the manager's husband (on a holiday) cannot wait for some photos... so I'd better take LOTS!!

AFU - not much else.. lol..

Geez its been quiet on here of late... Hope all is well with everyone..

Take Care and Helllo All :H

Skye & Chelsea xx


Kathryn, love the pics of Alyssa! adorable. I am sure her birthday will be a smash!

Well done on the weight loss, you have been busy! How much longer in nursing school have you got?

I am really hoping pink, but don't have a strong intuition yet. I am feeling some lovely flutters on occasion. Appointment Thursday. The tiredness is slowly easing.

- Katrina, Gabe (16 months), and Poppy (12+6)


Katrina - I love the nickname you chose for bub #2.. It would make a lovely name if bub is a girl.. Poppi.. LOVE IT!! lol
GL at your appt on thursday, I am sure everything will be fine.. and oh im jealous.. The flutters, movements, i miss that... dont miss the uncomfortable parts thou..


Kathryn - gorgeous pics of Alyssa, can't believe how fast time goes! Thanks for asking about Katie. Her operation is scheduled for July, but it's hit and miss because she needs to put on more weight before then to make it less risky (after the op, babies tend to lose a lot of weight, and she hasn't got enough to be losing any! Also, smaller baby = bigger risk of complications). And WOWWWW! well done on the weight loss!!!!!

Katrina - can't believe you're 12 weeks already! Is lauren due around the same time?

Hope everyone else is ok!

Donna & Katie (16 mths)