Pregnancy After Depo Provera - part 4

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That is great that Katie has started potty training..
Chelsea is 2 on sunday and I have not started yet... well we tried and it didnt work so I gave up and put her back in nappies lol
as for talking... OMFG!! Chelsea doesnt shut up... she is now stringing 3 and 4 words together to make a sentence and it actually makes sence... she is clever little munchkin this princess..

How are Alyssa and Gracie going with their talking?

How is everyone else?

Sally - we booked out flights the other day from Brisbane and we will be leaving Townsville on the 8th June and returning the 16th June... we have things booked for most of the time away but do have the 9th free (thursday) if you would like to catch up for coffee and cake at Pac Fair?? Are you back at work yet??

Not much else happening for us...

Skye & Chelsea
4 days until 2yrs old


Donna, well done with Katie, my she has lots of words! Gabe will say kitty cat, stop, dog, duck, mama, dada, hot . . . I heard him say See You once . . but he hasn't repeated it. He has said some other names, Kristen and Jean. mostly he just babbles.

He will sit on the potty, but hasn't done anything yet. I am going to go more hardcore at the end of June, when I have some time off to focus on it.

Yay for Chelsea's upcoming birthday! I am sure you both are excited!


Hi all,

Hope everyone is doing well. Not much to report from us at the moment. With regard to the potty training I think you need to really sure that your little one is ready and the ability to verbalise is key. There is a massive difference between being put on the potty and weeing and then actually requesting and going on the potty because they need too. The reason I say this is because I started potty training Thomas in Feb and he has yet to master poos on the potty. He is great with wee's and tells us in sufficient time he is needs to go. He was great on holiday and only had one accident. The poos are a different story though he tells us he needs to go we take him and then doesn't do anything. This will happen 3 or 4 times and then he will just do it in his pants. From what I have read on the Internet this is a common problem and boys are usually much slower than girls.

I am hoping the weather stays fine for this weekend as we are having a teddy bears picnic for Thomas' birthday on Monday. I can't believe he is going to be 3 were has the time gone??

Jennifer, Thomas and bump 25weeks


Hello ladies!

Katrina/Donna - Gabe and Katie are still very young to be potty training so well done if they go near it! lol And well done Katie for having a wee on the potty thats amazing at her age! Alfie knows what his potty is and has sat on it etc but we are not potty training, as Jennifer says they need to verbalise and Alfie is struggling with his speach! lol If you ask him if hes 'done a wee' or 'done a poo' he pulls at his nappy, he knows where it goes but no way ready to potty train iykwim? lol

Skye - are you all set for Chelseas Birthday? How very exciting! Cant believe she is going to be 2! That's crazy, where does the time go?!? Hope she has a fab time! Does that mean its nearly Grace's birthday as well or have i got confused? lol

Jennifer - Good to hear from you! Glad Thomas is doing well! Boys are deffinately slower than girls with potty training thats for sure but he sounds like he's doing fab! Only one accident on holiday with the change of routine etc? Fantastic! Where did you go on hols? Was it over easter whilst you were off? Did you all have a great time? cant believe Thomas is going to be 3! Hope he has a fab time!

AFU - not a great deal going on. I have Charlie in plaster cast and on crutches at the mo, not good :-( He hurt his ankle 2 weeks ago, it swelled and we took him to A&E (ER) was x-rayed and they said no break, they told him he had to use it normally etc. So Charlie being Charlie got on with it the best he could, quite well really and didnt really mention it for a while and then on Saturday (2 weeks later) he was complaining that it hurt which isnt like him really, he has a VERY high pain threshold, so I had a look and OMG his ankle was double the size! Took him back to a&e and they couldnt decide if broken or not! Said breaks on childrens x-rays are very easy to miss due to growth plates etc but he could see from comparing the x-rays that there was even more swelling which he wasnt happy about and there was a 'suspicious' looking area so he decided to cast it! Basically he didnt want him using it at all and the only way to guarantee it was to put it in cast! We go back on monday when the temo cast is removed and hopefully the swelling would have gone down for them to re-xray and get a clearer picture (so to speak! lol)

Anyway, everyone else doing well - sorry for the essay! lol

Katie xx xx xx


Katie - Gracie's birthday was a few weeks back... the day after Alyssa's..
I am all prepared now, just have to bake her cake and put balloons etc up on the day and thats us Big smile

Skye & Chelsea xx


all these babies getting older!

as for potty training; we aren't going full blast just yet, I just have the potty and put him on it sometimes to get him comfortable with it. It will be another month or two before I try going completely there.

as for poos, yes, boys often do take their time with that, why I don't know. I remember back when I worked in a preschool, several of our 3 and 4 yr old boys were still having issues with poo in the potty. It will happen eventually!

there is a really teachable time between 18 months and 2 where certain things are easier to do, like potty training, that become more difficult as the child get older. I am trying to take advantage of that. As for verbalization; I really don't know that they need to know the words, per se, you could as easily have them sign, or use gestures. It is a matter of being able to communicate - them understanding that they need to go, and getting that across. Without words, Gabe easily lets us know when he wants a snack (and what he wants to snack on), or a drink, or to sleep - I would think going to the bathroom will not be much different in that regard. He is starting to do almost like a potty dance, but he does it generally when he has a wet diaper. I am hoping he will be pretty easy to train, if not, well, we will work on it as long as need be!


Hello all Wink
I am back working now which sucks but hey what can u do? Lol! None of us really want to do it. But I have just completed second week and starting to get my head around it. From Next week I will be on three days so hopefully that will work out ok. I am actually teaching my own son which is bizarre but working out ok.

Katie grace was two last month the day after alyssa and is very much a moody two year old lol!!! She says hundreds of words and full sentences. She is very clear too which is great so when she goes to Kindy she is able to communicate with her teachers and peers. Hayley is crawling now which at ten months in my house is super quick!!! Remebering both grace an Josh didn't crawl until 12 mths and 11.5 mths! She is super fast too. Very different from the other two.

On potty Training it's not just communication that is necessary but they developmentally need to have a signal in their brain that tells them they need to go which as lil people they don't have any control it just happens. Grace is toilet training now and has had sone success but not really knowingly, more coincedently really. She is aware it is happening on the floor Smile but not before it happens. Josh was toilet trained from 18mths and was very easy to train. Both of them are happy to sit on the potty and Josh just seemed to have that connection much earlier than grace. So in my case my boy was easier but I think they say that prob cause it is harder to sit a boy still for long but my Josh would just read and play trains etc whilst sitting on potty quite happily. Not your average boy Smile

Karrie congrats on your lil man. Hope all is going well.

On the subject of hayley being different to the others, they both slept through very early and definatley no waking after 6 mths. Hayley is still waking up once or twice a night! She is ten months old! And some!!!! So I have decided to get her out of this habit now that I am working I can't be waking up so much! I gave her small amount of water in her bed (in a straw cup) and then she slept through so here's hoping that this is the start of no more bottles at night! Wish me luck x

Can't wait Katrina to find out pink or blue for you. U know my thoughts already Smile but who knows. Will be exciting Smile

Lauren hope u r keeping well and I know u aren't finding out so we will have to wait Smile how is gorgeous young max?

Kathryn how is beautiful Alyssa? And how is your studying going?

Katie so sorry to hear about charlies leg poor lil guy. I saw pics on fb and it looked pretty bad! Is he ok now? Oh and I can't believe your boys are still waking at 5am! That sucks. I don't know how u do it sweetie. You are an inspiration to me xx

Donna I hope Katie is enjoying her choc eggs and I hope she is bulking up a little at least? Any news on op?

Skye I think we will make it a date sweetie! That will be cool. Love pacific fair too!


Well Hello!

Sorry I havent posted in a while, I can read but not type on my phone for some reason and I never get on the laptop recently! I do catch up on FB, for those who are there although I am a bit of a lurker there at the mo too!

Katie, sorry about Charlies foot, and Sally sorry about Graces lip, not fun! Although with the number of children in both your houses I am suprised you are not at A&E more regularly!

Karrie- I said on FB, but congrats again on Mackenzie, he is very cute!

Katrina- How are you feeling? What date is your scan?

Skye- Glad you had a good time camping! Looking forward to pics of Chelseas birthday!

AFU- We are going really well. Max is getting his molars but hasnt been too bad just a couple of disturbed nights. I had my 20 week scan yesterday, it all went well. Looks like I am brewing another overactive bub but my placenta is at the front this time so I cant feel it as much as with Max, here was me thinking I may get a more placid baby and the sonographers words were 'this baby is crazy'...great just what we need in this house! Anyway enjoying the pregnancy now that the morning sickness is gone and really looking forward to the new arrival!

Sorry to anyone I missed, hope you are all well!
Lauren, Max (14mth) and bump (20w today-half way there!)


Hello girls, at last I have chance to catch up. It's so hectic in my household, Digs as been away alot recently so it's all been down to me, yes I am definitely going grey early.

It's so great to hear how everyone's babies or should I say toddlers are doing. Bella is just a little monkey for us, she's now 2yrs 3mths. She has been potty trained for a month or 2, although does have accidents when she over engrossed in something and has a slight problem with poo's a childminders but at home she is fab. We gave her a potty at an early age just for her to play with really. My problem in fact is that she tells me she needs to go and just pulls down clothes no matter where she is (supermarket, playcentres, restaurants), what is she likes. She's talking like mad and it's amazing what they come out with, so funny.

As for Sophie and Isla, they are already 10 months old!!! They aren't crawling yet but to be quite honest I am quite pleased, don't know how i'd get anything done (Katie I still think you must be wonderwoman and to think you had Alfie too lol).

Katrina and Lauren, halfway through already, don't the 2nd pregnancies go fast!!!

So at last I've managed to get Digs to send a couple of photo's over of my girls. One of Bella and Me Sophie & Isla.

Take care all

Tracy, Bella, Sophie & Isla



Great to hear from you Tracy, glad all the girls are well! Everyone is so cute, and they look happy besides, which is the important thing; not so much what all else you are able to get done!

Lauren, scan is next Monday around noon ish. You will have one busy house!

I am doing well, Gabe was ill for a few days, but is recovering. Need to get him back in his crib, but he was wheezing and coughing, and I like to be able to keep an eye on him, and sometimes a hand, when he is sick. Hopefully tonight he will be able to sleep well in the crib; he is napping there now.

20 weeks for me on Weds!