Pregnancy After Depo Provera - part 4

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Hello Everyone!

Just a quick update, we got our snoball/ice cream shop open Friday and OMG are we busy! My lil cousin made us a facebook page! So i'm kinda on FB now!LOL! Look us up, its called "Flavors Snoballs & Ice Cream"

phones ringing



Katrina - yay nearly 20 wks, I think pink!!!

Lauren - I forgot, will you be finding out pink or blue?

Sally - Thanks for asking about Katie's op. At the moment it''s set for late summer, but we are hoping she will gain plenty of weight by then. If not it might be delayed again.

AFU: Last night we put Katie in a bed! She kept trying to climb out of her cot so we decided it was time to put her in a bed before she hurt herself. She was in a mamas & papas cotbed so we only had to take the sides off to make a bed. She was a little unsure at first but now she loves it! We have a stair gate at the top of the stairs so she can't hurt herself, and the office doorway so she can't get in there as it's not baby safe. We havent put a gate on her room because I want her to be able to come to us if she needs to.

Donna & Katie
nearly 18 mths!! omg!!


Brandy, good to hear from you, will look you up on FB, but do you want me to text you Monday with the news? in case you are not on here? It is good you are so busy!

Donna, if we had the space, Gabe would be in a bed, but we don't so in the crib he is. Glad she likes it! she seems to talk so well, judging from posts on FB!

Lauren is waiting to be surprised, but I think she thinks it is blue, because the baby is very active, like Max.

20 weeks today! 9 days until Gabe is 18 months!



Katrina def text me! I dont have internet at the shop, which is where i spend most of the day. I have no clue how to get on here from my phone. I cant wait to find out! I'm so excited for you!


Yep she is a little chatterbox lol. She turned to me today and said "i love mummy" clear as day! I was so shocked but the more I smiled and clapped, the more she repeated it!! She doesn't often form sentences but so far she can also say 'naughty cat', 'pretty mummy' and 'it's there', 'it's over there', etc. She is real clever, if I say "where is mia?" (our cat) katie will squeal "shes there!" lol. She's also just learned to say please and wee-wee lol.


Hi ladies!

Lovely to hear from you Brandy and Tracy! Love the pictures Tracy and congrats on the shop Brandy! You are both juggling so much and I have no idea how you do it so thanks for the updates!

We are actually in Melbourne this weekend bug getting chance to reply as we are in the rented house chilling for the night! Going out for a meal on Sunday,it's my birthday so got a babysitter! Max has started talking the last couple of weeks, his favorite word is bike! And we are hearing it lots! He's also sayin poo poo, car and ball, such a boy! I'm 21 weeks today can't believe it! No we aren't finding out pink or blue but I'm adamant it's a boy! was much more difficult not to find put this time! Can't wait to hear about your scan on Monday Katrina but reckon I will be in bed so will be Tuesday morning for me :-(

Hi to everyone else hope you're all well x


Lauren, you will probably see it first on fB, as it is easier to post there from my iPhone (same for everyone else on FB) . . . I will post on here for those not on FB when I get the chance (except for Brandy, who I will text) . . . I think that will cover everyone!

Lauren how surprised would you be if bubs were pink? I have no inkling either way, just curious!


VERY surprised to say the least but I really don't think i will be! Can't wait to hear the news will have Facebook on constant update!!


Baby #2 is a girl! so Lauren, you were right about me, I hope you are right about blue for you!

everything else looks great!


YAY Katrina...
Congrats on a pink bundle...
Gabe will make an awesome protective big brother to her...

Any names yet?

I am hoping pink for you too Lauren... I cant wait to start trying and then finding out... we want blue next... but woukd be happy with either as long as bub is healthy... but ultimatley, blue would be wonderful lol

not much happening with us... just freezing my butt off.... wishing chelsea would stay in her own cot past 1-2am in the morning... i just keep putting her in with me (bad i know) as its too cold now of a morning to be mucking around with that...

skye & Chelsea xx