Pregnancy After Depo Provera - part 4

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it is very quiet on here , skye i can,t find you on facebook either . xx


Skye - I cant find you on facebook either so possibly the security settings on it? If you find Katrina, I am on her friends list - Katie Turner!

Who's watching 'Britains Got talent'? I know one of the acts, they are on tomorrow night - the first act on called 'The Celtic Colleens' I worked with one of the Mums until January and she was also the boys playschool teacher and key worker! The bioys also go to school with one of the other girls! They are from our town, the boys cannot wait to see them on TV tomorrow - they got a standing ovation in auditions but wern't shown much on TV! They have a facebook page if anyones interested 'The Celtic Colleens'


I do have my settings private sorry ladies I forgot lol
Ill search for you all instead

AFU - we are off to brisbane on wednesday YAY.. so cannot wait.. this holiday has been long coming and are very excited... get to meet up with my aunt whom I have not seen in like forever lol and also sally, if she can still fit me into her busy schedule with the 3 kiddies and work...
Winter Nationals on the weekend and also catching up with some of Shaun's family whom we have not spoken to for a whole year as some stuff went down and yea, stopped talking (thank goodness for FB lol)
Oh and also dream world.. which is a theme park with lots of awesome rides and lots for the toddlers like Chelsea... they cater for everyone which is good...
Going to be an awesome time and Ill try and add everyone on FB before we leave so you cen keep up to date on there instead of here... Will be lots of fun to be had and lost and lots of photos..

Take Care everyone and catch up soon

Skye & Chelsea xx


okay ladies.. have added Katrina and then found everyone else.. well everyone i reckonised on her friends list...
katrina-if there is anyone you notice I have forgotten, please send them as a "suggest friends" please...
Thank you

Im off for dinner. Catch u all later
Skye & Chelsea xx

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Hi just popped across from the main forum for a bit of advice. I was on depo for 7 years when we decided to try for dd, it took us nearly 2 1/2 years, we got there then I quickly fell pregnant (2months) with our son, since he was born I went back to depo and have been on it for about 1 1/2 years. My doc cancelled my appointment without telling me for my last depo shot, I was about 3 days late getting it. Im due it again soon, but Ive got a feeling Im pregnant. I havent done a test yet as I dont know if I actually want to know the result lol. Has anyone heard of anyone falling pregnant after being on it for so long and only being a few days late getting it?
Jacq x


Jacq i honestly dont know, but what I do know is that depo pays tricks on your body... ALL of us on here went through pregnancy symptoms also once stopping the injections...
I think you might need to test, to ease your own mind, but I am sure you will be fine..
Thanks for stopping by
Skye x

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Thanks Skye, think its the only way I'll find out, cant see it being true after how long it took me to have dd after stopping.
Jacq x


Skye's right Jacq, we all went through pregnancy symptoms when stopping depo. It took me 6 months and that's one of the quickest I've heard. xx

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Hello all Smile

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Jacq - I will say it is unlikely, but possible. sometimes the stop of any birth control signals the body to ovulate. I have known women to become pregnant if missing the shot only by a few days. When you go in for the next one they should test you prior to giving the shot (I know they did me, every time). Or go ahead and get a test. What took so long for me to conceive DS was the irregular and sometimes annovulatory cycles I had post-depo. Good luck!

Skye, I think you have everyone!

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