Pregnancy After Depo Provera - part 4

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Hi katrina,

Anyday now for you - how exciting!!!!  You must be ready to have your little one in your arms now . . . .

Congrats to Lauren - what a pretty name, hope all is well with mum and baby.

We are thinking Cameron Jack for the little man - Cameron after Kev's grandad and Jack after mine.  May be tweaked yet but i think it will probably stay that way.

I am 26+6 today which was Carys' exact gestation when she was born - it's a weird melancholy sort of day filled with memories but our boy seems happy and settled where he is so I think all is well.

Looking forward to hearing delivery news from you soon Katrina!

Lots of love,

Jo x


Just came to see if any news from Katrina.  I know nobody is really posting on here now.  I should really try to find out how facebook works.  My DH has put me on but I just don't seem to have time to look into it.  If anybody wants to look me up and add me as a friend it might be to prompt to get me going.  If you try Tracy Scott.

Anyway hope Katrina and Lauren are enjoying their babies and love to everyone else.

Oh and by the way Sophie and Isla are walking at last.  Missed out crawling completely.  And Bella is just a little joy (well when she's not having a tantrum lol)

Tracy & her girls


aww well done soph and isla! Not sure if everyone knows but Katrina had a baby girl - Norah Lorraine, she's absolutely gorgeous! xx


I texted Brandy, since she's not on FB at all.

Norah Lorraine was born 10/11/11 or 11/10/11 depending on where you are and how its written) - 7 lbs 12 oz. I got my VBAC - completely unmedicated, but only because I progressed too fast for the epidural. It was on it's way when I started pushing. All in all, labor lasted maybe 10 hours.

She is a wee little piggy and loves to snuggle - Tracy, I will try and and find you, but your name is sort of common. If you find any of us, you will be able to find the rest of us, I think FB is mostly how we communicate these days - too many babies and too little time! what a blessing -


wow it's so quiet on here nowadays!

Tracy - have you found any of us yet? Try searching for me, Donna Rope and you'll find the others!

How are all our babies doing?

Katie is 2 on Sunday as is Katrina's Gabriel. Where has the time gone!! We are having another pink princess party, I'm so excited!

Katie is also now fully potty trained - we got her dry at 17/18 months but when we went on holiday we put her back in nappies as we were abroad and I think it confused her, but we potty trained her again at 22 months and she got it within a week! She's so good at telling us when she needs to go, no accidents or anything! She now also goes to nursery 2 mornings a week, this is good for her as she gets to socialise with other kids and she LOVES it.


hi everyone haven,t been on here for ages thought i would pop on to see how everyone is hope your all ok , haven,t had chance to read through posts yet

im doing great jack will be starting nursery on january 9th can,t wait as he is so clingy & i think he needs it he cries whenever i go anyway even work & also managed to get him off his dummy yippee

hope you all have a happy christmas & a happy new year , tracy you should try the facebook im on it constanley lol . violet & jack (3yrs & 2 months ) xx

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Hi, it's a bit dusty in here, lol is anyone still around?

Hope you and babies/children are all well, we'd love to get some updates on you all.


Hey everybody! thought I'd post a quick update, idk if anyone is still on, ever. Does anyone hear from brandi?

So, Gabe will be 3 in November, working on potty training, that's off and on. He's getting into so much and such an imp.

Norah will be 1 in just a couple weeks, she is a walking, talking ball of mischief, who will, believe it or not, be a big sister come March. #3 and last baby is due 3/6/13. What a surprise to me! We are announcing it officially at her first birthday party - so those of you also on facebook, please, please, don't say anything yet!

I'm about 17 weeks and we will find out the gender sometime before Halloween.

Hope all of you are doing well!

(Gabe - 34 months, Norah 11 months, and Nugget due 3/6/13)

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Hi lovely to hear from you, and congratulations on Nugget!  Happy birthday in advance to Norah, too.

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Lovely to hear from you again, Katrina, and HUGE congrats on your lovely and growing family!