Pregnancy After Depo Provera - part 4

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awwww she is gorgeous!

sorry brandy don't have a clue about changing the time! Whats your feeling for me Brandy? I would post another pic but after that growing spurt bump has stopped growing again so no point!

Anna & Karrie- glad you guys made it over here! Hope your appt goes well and comes quick Karrie! How are you and Mia, Anna?

AFM- 28 weeks today! Cant believe I have been pregnant for only 7 months feels like at least a year! I am really struggling to sleep atm. I have my referral for gestational diabetes gonna go sat :& !!!!

Hope everyone else is well! x x x


Hey ladies! when I logged on and saw twenty posts I figured something exciting had happened! It was prob only due to the fact that i hadn't logged on for couple days.

Brandy I think I am on team pink but I am eating like its team blue! we'll see if my pregnancies with boys are the same or if this is a girl perhaps she likes unhealthy foods!!! lol

I will be checking out 12 wk scan though! lol

hope all is well. talk soon


Hi ladies - had appointment at antenatal. BP and Urine fine but not happy with trace of babies heart rate :-( They got registrar to review as there wasnt enough variability, then had tightening and heart rate decelerated to like 70bpm :-( Gave me the fright of my life!! Left me on monitor for another 11/2 hours and they said variabilty still wasnt great and nor was movements over that period of time, also had another deceleration bit not as bad and was having tightenings every 10-15 mins. They discussed whether to admit me and put me on IV drip, spoke to consultant and decided to send me home but i've got to go back at 4pm for another trace! If that isnt great, they are liekley to keep me in for the night although they dont really want to deliver as have planned C/S tomorrow so will only deliver if they REALLY think there is a problem! Anyway, just come home, had something to eat as i hadnt eaten, drank some coke and had a choc bar so hopefully by time i go back, baby will be nice and hyper and there will be lots of variability!!

Cant believe this - a day before c/s! I felt so chilled out this morning, really relaxed (despite not sleeping!) BP was best its been in a week and i wasnt expecting it! I will try and let you know later - signal not wonderful in the hospital, if i cant log on i will try to text Nichola/Donna if ok with you 2? Wont know anything for a while though. (its only 2.30pm here and will be on monitor probably for an hour or so)

Hope everyone ok



Good Morning Girls!

Katie- I hope all that sugar gets her HB where it should be! If not, maybe they'll just go ahead and do the c/s today. I still can't believe you are past your due date, I always thought you were going to be first to deliver.

Lauren- When you posted your belly pic I thought girl right away! Also all those girl clothes patterens, and the day of your scan you ordered the whole nursery which had optional baby dolls to match. Putting all that together, I think your having a girl and you know it!LOL!

Katrina- Hows it going? Did Gabes belly button thingy fall off yet? I couldn't wait for Aidan's to fall of so we could give him a real bath!



Katie - omg the day before c/s!!!! katie did the same during my induction they were gonna give me a c/s there and then but it went back up. fx yours does the same! but at least u have a c/s booked for 2mw so if any probs you know they'll be delivering! def text me and let me know. (((((((((((hugs)))))))))))


hi everyone, have just logged on to see if any word from Katie and saw her message. have texted her just now and am guessing she should be just about finished her trace in hospital so will let you all know if and when i hear anything back.

off to hospital in morning for my 34 wk check. don't expect any drama at all. reckon everything pretty straightforward so will let you know afterward.

brandy, not sure where any of my software is to let me put picture of belly on here, cos got a new laptop and nothing on this to upload photos. only have bump. no weight on anywhere else, and even at that i still had someone at school ask me today y someone was asking me how things were and what they were wishing me all the best for. when i said i was 34wks pregnant, i thought i might have to pick her up off the ground with shock. people keep saying its so small it must be a girl, but m/w said h/b last week would suggest boy going by old wives tales, so guess i will just have to wait and see.

will log straight on again if i hear anything from katie,



Hi girls! Ok, I am home, had my trace and baby was rather hyper - oops! lol Trace was good, bp good so all good for tomorrow! Yay! Got to be at hospital for 10.30am although C/S list doesnt start until about 2pm and I may not be first so wont realistically be able to let anyone know until the evening. Nichola text me and she is off work tomorrow so I will text her and hopefully she can let you girls know. As for tonight, I am going to (try) and have and nice relaxing bath and DH has promised me a massage Smile We have a really nice massager thingy that gets me to sleep! lol Got to take tablet at 10pm and then that'll be me off to bed for the night! I'll probably be on tomorrow morning before I go - I have to take another tablet at 6am so will be up hours before I have to leave!


Well Hello ladies, how are you all?

I cant believe we've been moved again ... heres to our new home. Well I really should check on more so I wont miss anything.

Congrats to our 2 new mummies - katrina and donna

I'm completely lost to anything else thats been posted.

I have a lil news but I'll keep u in suspense til the 16th (only 2 weeks) - dont jump to conclusions as u'll not guess right.

Right girlies I'm off to eat some dinner and get a child organised for bed.
Take care and I'll check in later.
Jen x


Katie, looking so forward to meeting the newest bub!

Donna, I don't know if you are using dummies/pacifiers, but I've found if Gabe takes one then he is just wanting to suck on something for comfort; if he keeps spitting it out, he's hungry. It is usually the actual breastfeeds for me that are only 2 hours apart, with the bottle it is always at least 3 hours, sometimes more like 4, 4 1/2. I've been lucky and have had no problem with the nipple confusion that some have with breastfed babies. I think it is usually a while before the babies settle down to any sort of schedule, right now you just kind of go with the flow.

Sally, until you are a bit further along, I won't hazard to guess pink or blue - either would be great for you.

Lauren and Jo your pregnancies are both flying by! I can't wait to meet your LO's as well. Love both names btw Lauren. Eva is very pretty and Cayden is a great name!

AFU: Gabe lost his cord no problem. I suppose his next bath could be a full one, but am hesitant to do that yet, as he just doesn't really get dirty. When did you all do the first "real" bath? we've just been doing the sponge sort. We have a busy Saturday ahead; 2 parties to go to, and I am not pumping for them, as having to nurse is an excuse to break away and have some baby and me time, as I am sure everyone will be wanting to cuddle the baby. A bit sneaky I know, but I've gotten used to just our little family and don't want to be too overwhelmed by people.

Hello everyone else! I gave Cathy the link to this site, I hope she finds us ok.

- Katrina and Gabriel