Secret Santa... stripped!

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Polly can cheat ... she has access to the Master List.

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Dollypeeps wrote:
I would like to know who sent mine thanks. I tell you in this weather they are fab my leather gloves.

Janey it was me with the hetty as I like the unusual for SS as you do get a laugh with them. Does it work then or has it been pinched by one of the kids.

Viper wasnt me this time hen and sounds fab what Lou got you though.

It was me Dolly, so glad you like them and what perfect weather to show them off you've got!!!!!


I'd like to know who sent mine too please I loved both but the little chocolate truffle candle was very original & cute I thought .. so did everyone else. So thank you very much ss x


Alyth_mum wrote:
Polly can cheat ... she has access to the Master List.

No she can't because Polly does'nt do the matching up ever lmao a trainnee elf does that!


Sorry .... got it wrong again. Puzzled :\


LOL it's ok it's an understandable mistake and tbh it's better that folk who join in know how it works, the names are randomly matched and not by me - that way at least I've got chance of a surprise too.

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Miss Poppins thank you are they fab in this weather thats for sure as its still freezing. Daughter has been coveting them for days now and there is no way she is getting them.