Selling your house?

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Selling your house?

Tidy your kids bedroom apparently - it knocks £8,000 off the value of your house........ perhaps they should just live in a shed?

A child's untidy bedroom can knock £8,000 off the value of a house, according to a study.

It also suggested several other features of a home that can make selling a property more difficult.

Traces of pets – such as animal hairs – would put off 30 per cent of  prospective buyers while smelly bathrooms would deter 65 per cent and grubby kitchens 59 per cent.

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As I read this I thought DM article PMSL

It's nothing that hasn't been said on the various tv shows tbh.

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Thing is, if you have people coming to view your house and it's on the market, surely these items are just common sense; I'd die of shame if anyone went into our bathrooms and they were dirty. Saying that, when we went to view a house in Melbourne before we bought here they had a lovely brown labrador who'd eaten something icky the day before and just as we pulled up on the drive the dog was violently ill all over their lounge, the woman looked like she wanted the ground to swallow her up. 

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It wouldn't  put me off, surely if you like the actual house and location then you can see past the mess and wonder imagine what it would be like tidy, and with the fresh smell of Febreez in the air?!

I'm all for children living in sheds.