Simply Saturday

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Simply Saturday

Morning all, been awake for ages, wish I was still asleep though.

M has gone with hubby to do some promotional work at a carnival, so W and I are going to have some fun together

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Miss Poppins
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Have fun Jacq

Emma and I are watching athletics and im comping at the same time.  Lovely relaxed saturday morning.  

Simon is out on a gardening job so will probably be out all day.  Will take Tilly for a walk and have a trip to the park i think.  

Lovely relaxed day Smile

Hope everyone has a lovely day xxxxxxx

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We had a lovely lie in this morning. Got up and started watching the Olympics and haven't stop watching really.

It was lovely here to start with but we have had thunder storms and heavy rain. When the sun comes out though it's really warm.

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Been out clothes shopping for our holidays, partly successful.back home and shattered

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I have done a 150 mile round trip to collect 2 exhausted girls. The weather was kind although the roads were busy. Dropped them home and then went to Tesco for a big shop. It's now raining heavily so I am glad to be in for the night.

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We went out this morning to go to a free event run by the council.  Arrived to find it was combined with a local gala and there was also a funfair on site.  

The kids enjoyed the free inflatable things and we then went to look at some of the stalls when the heavens opened.  The heavy downpour only lasted for a few minutes though, luckily and there were enough gazebos for everyone to take cover, lol.

We all learned how to make a wallet from a juice carton, which was good and a different way to recycle!

They had a ride on a couple of the fairground things, which were £1 each, so not too bad.

After that we went on to a local country park for a couple of hours so all in all a fun day out.