Sleepy Sunday

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Sleepy Sunday

We were on the go non-stop yesterday doing housework and gardening so I am tired today. Just about to get dressed and go to church.

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I did a bit of gardening yesterday, my new roses looked the worst for wear with the heat. I attacked the runners on the bramble, DH picked some fruit. We have been quite brutal with it & we have huge amounts of fruit now. 

We're off to the cricket today, not sure if I'm excited about that or but it's time with DH, and a whole group of people from his work.


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M is out with a friend, C is being a real pain and W can't wait for the closing ceremony this evening

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Afternoon Smile
Just having my lunch, not long been back from a jog. Have done the ironing this morning and the boys are running loose in the garden Smile
Looking forward to the closing ceremony tonight x

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Its a bit grey and overcast here. DH wanted to go to the gym, so ED has taken DS swimming while he's doing that.  MD had a sleepover (stay-awake-over?) last night, so she's having a pj day today - camped out on the sofa watching films and playing dollies with YD (unheard of!).  I'm sewing what seems like a million badges onto camp blankets for myself and MD (thank god ED does her own - I'm losing the will to live, but if I don't do them now they'll never get done).

So a lazy Sunday here, hope everyone else is enjoying theirs!